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Excerpt: Angels Meet in the Devil's Triangle - An Angels Respite Series
Jan 12 – Jan 25, 2023
ej brock

Angels Meet in the Devil's Triangle

Port of Harlem contributor EJ Brock just released her latest spiritual paranormal saga, “Angels Meet in the Devil's Triangle - An Angels Respite Series." Unlike her Port of Harlem articles, her novels are fiction with her more familiar spiritual twist. This her 45th release. 

Before The Re-Creation

The Prince’s heart quickened and his eyes teared. “You are going to allow me entrance into the holy city?”

“Indeed. I have a special assignment for you. One that I breathed into being long before I called my emissary. He is called No Name. In due season, the two of you shall become one. He will be my most powerful human and Angel amalgam.”

“He will be both? How is that possible?”

I AM nodded but did not explain. Instead He questioned, “I formed you from the debris in the galaxy. Is there anything too hard for ME?”

“No, Abba.”

“No Name will name himself in time, and you will no longer be known as The Prince.”

“Will I be known by No Name?”

“No. You will both be known by your given name. Seraphiel!!”


I Am paused and glanced at Michael. Then he nodded and added, “No Name’s human body will have a portion of you and Samjaza. All of his offspring will have a portion of you, Michael.”

“Me, Abba?” Michael questioned. His eyes were rapidly twirling. He was truly fond of No Name but could not tolerate The Prince. He had known all along that Prince was not the man’s name, but his position. Even though he was called without emotion, he declared that he did not care for Seraphiel any more than he did Free Will. He also declared that he did not understand YHWH’s ways and thoughts. He was not designed to either. YHWH had told him that it was his responsibility to shape and mold No Name. However, He refused to tell him why No Name was not named. It made sense to him now. Nonetheless, seeing how he and The Prince felt about each other, he could not imagine them sharing a seed. He thought to himself, “This is definitely going to be interesting.”

I AM looked at Michael and commanded, “You and Seraphiel will have to learn how to co-exist, Michael.

There will come a time when No Name will be in need of both of your strengths.”

“Your will, Abba.

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