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Even Some Whites Preach That Africans are God’s Chosen People
Feb 24 – Mar 9, 2022
eva brock

Note: Instead of suspending Whoopi Goldberg over comments she made recently on The View, ABC News could have explored several of these identity and classification issues.
Some African Americans with deep North American roots have been conditioned to equate the genesis of our history to the arrival of our ancestors to America. Many of us allow our minds to sail back only to places such as the Cape Coast Castle in present day Ghana, Kunte Kinte Island in The Gambia, and Gorée in Senegal - - all with their infamous “Door of No Return.”

We have been taught that it was America that introduced us to Christianity, though believers and tourists have flocked to the Christian churches carved out of rock in Lalibela, Ethiopia since the 1100s, 500 years before the first Blacks landed in English America. The truth is, God designed us to be his chosen people and even some of the slave master’s children have preached this gospel.

It was on the Continent where God stooped down, embraced the deep rich dark soil, and created His first man and woman. This is the genesis of our history.

Though often overlooked, and intentionally under-preached, Africa was the pivotal region in the Old Testament. The Old Testament is replete with stories set in the major metropolises of the Nile Valley including modern-day Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan. In the Bible, modern day Ethiopia/Sudan is often referred to as Cush, or territory near the Red Sea, where water from the Garden of Eden flowed.

In the New Testament, Africa became the refuge where Mary and Joseph hid Jesus from King Herod’s decree. The decree was to kill all Jewish male babies under two to make sure baby Jesus was killed. He wanted Jesus dead because he felt Jesus would usurp his throne.

In Hosea 4:6, God says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”  Marcus Garvey echoed those sentiments when he said, “People without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture are like a tree without roots.”

Even contemporary White men question the conditioning of some, including African Americans, who don’t believe Africans are God’s chosen people.  Evangelical Pastor Billy Graham preached, “Jesus was not a White man like me. Jesus belongs to Africa as much as the rest of the World.”

Evangelical Pastor John Kilpatrick told his congregation, “You betta shut yo White mouth,” as he spoke to some of their disdain for African Americans. He goes on to say, "Those are God's chosen people! God knows what happened to His people and how they ended up in America. He’s going to avenge the African American people and return to them all that was taken from them. Mark my word!”

Then, there is the story of the Lemba People of Zimbabwe. In White People and Even Ashkenazi Jews Saying African Americans Are The Real Jews, the video includes the story of the Lemba. For centuries oral stories have told of their connections to Israel. 

Modern DNA technology proves that Lemba men carry the Cohen Modal Haplotype, a set of Y chromosome characteristics typical of the Jewish priesthood, at about the same rate as that of other major Jewish populations. There are those who say the Lemba are not Jews because their line of descent comes through the father, while Orthodox Jewish law says that the line of descent comes from the mother.

This is a mere portion of the historical information that is available but will never be purposely taught. Therefore, it is incumbent on each of us to seek out information regarding our beautiful rich heritage and place in this world, and weigh the gathered information to discern the truth - - always bearing in mind that knowledge is power.
About EJ Brock: A student and teacher of the Bible, EJ Brock is a writer that specializes in spiritual insight. She is best known for her two award-winning spiritual warfare sagas: “A Spirit Mate Love Story” and “A Sanctioned Mate Series.”


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