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How Did Moses Hide Amongst the Egyptians?
Jun 30 – Jul 13, 2022
queen tiye

An Israelite baby named Moses (Muslims call him Musa) was raised in the Pharaoh’s house. He was raised right under the Egyptian leader’s nose. Yet, the Pharaoh had no idea that he wasn’t Egyptian. Hmmm! How was that even possible?

Well, consider the modern situations where many non-White people have passed for White in America and treated with unexpected privileges beyond those society assigned to them at birth. A perfect example is that of President Thomas Jefferson’s children with enslaved Sally Hemings. Their sons Beverly and Eston and daughter Harriet lived their lives as free White people.
Thomas and Sally’s son Eston did similarly when he moved from Monticello to Ohio where he blended in as a free White person.
Now, just imagine if someone had attempted to plant baby Rosa Parks into George Wallace’s house. Do you think they would have been able to pull that off?

The same premise applies to Moses but in reverse. Moses became the deliverer of the Israelites and his brother Aaron a Jewish high priest.  Seeing that the Pharaoh didn’t have a clue that he was raising a Jewish liberator, it is obvious that the only difference between the Israelites and Egyptians was something other than skin color and hair texture. Perhaps it was their dialect and customs?

The similarities continue when angels instructed Joseph to take Mary and Yeshua to Egypt to escape King Herod’s wrath. How could he hide them there, were it not for their ability to blend in? Thomas and Sally’s son Eston did similarly when he moved from Monticello to Ohio where he blended in as a free White person.

I’ve been challenged on my absolute belief, on many occasions, that neither the Israelite nor Yeshua (Isa ibn Maryam, as he is called by many Muslims) were White, as The West has purported. Some ask: “Why does it matter?”  For starters, many are witnessing the negative effects a Big Lie can have. Then, some come for me with scriptures such as John 4:24, “God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.” My immediate response is, “I’m not talking about God. I’m talking about the Man that said those words in that scripture - – His only begotten son, Yeshua!”

Rosa Parks never had children and was a lover of the Bible. However, I prayerfully cannot imagine her following the footsteps of Jochebed, Moses’s mother.  I cannot see Parks gently rolling a baby buggy pass George Wallace’s house hoping that his daughter Peggy Sue would find her child and Wallace adopting the child as his own. That would’ve been a whole entire Jim Crow murderous hot mess.
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