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Jun 30 – Jul 13, 2022
child support court

Supreme Court on Abortion: Women Cannot Be in Control

Our second peeve related to this issue: One of 7 Black men voted for trump. How many of those men will now face paternity lawsuits and child support hearings? How many will now face jail time or prison records for activities birthed from dealing with child support issues? How many will say, “that B should have gotten an abortion?”
francia marquez

Colombia Elects First Black VP

For Euclides Rengifo, an Afro-Colombian living in the USA, victory for one big challenge has already come. “My daughter can see the TV” and see herself and say “Yes, we can!” he told Port of Harlem.
DuSable Museum

Museum Changes Name from African-American to Black

The move to replace “African American” with “Black” as part of the name change has met some critiquing. Before the founding of the National Museum of African American History and Culture in 2016, the Southside Chicago institution had been the largest caretaker of African-American culture in the United States.
ivan brown realty
moses (musa)

How Did Moses Hide Amongst the Egyptians?

An Israelite baby named Moses (Muslims call him Musa) was raised in the Pharaoh’s house. He was raised right under the Egyptian leader’s nose. Yet, the Pharaoh had no idea that he wasn’t Egyptian. Hmmm! How was that even possible?
In his hands at mosaic theater

In His Hands

Not knowing that he was answering to a candidate for Lutheran pastorhood, Christian (Josh Adams) made it clear upon meeting Daniel (Michael J. Mainwaring) that he prefers to be called Chris. “I am not much of a Christian,” he explains. While the tensions of meeting someone new makes great theater, the tension between Chris and Daniel was entertaining and eye-opening.
naomi skinner

Violence Against Black Transgenders Grows More Visible

From a Chicago Tribune investigation to the California Interim Reparations Report, Black Transgender issues are being integrated into the larger African American agenda. The awareness reveals that identifying as a woman, trans or non-trans, is risky.
Mosaic Theater
lorato trok


“We give English too much power,” says writer Lorato Trok as we talk about her work as a keeper of South African languages including her first language, Setswana. You can hear the interview on Port of Harlem Talk Radio. The Films At The Stone is a free film series at the King Memorial in Washington, there are special summer time shopping venues in Washington and Gary. Grenada is welcoming you to celebrate Carnival.
jimmy carter

Readers' Trends

One of our most popular articles by our most popular contributor is back to number one after being searched and found on our website by many people. It was good to see that one of the most underrated, but popular US presidents buzzed on our Facebook page. Our Instagram numbers remain stagnant, but we continue to grow on all other platforms. Thanks.
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