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Mar 10 – Mar 23, 2022
blacks and ukraine

Africans Split on European Tribal Conflict, Caribbeans Mostly United

Out of 54 continental African nations, 28 voted in favor - but a large chunk, 17, abstained from the UN vote deploring Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and calling for the immediate withdrawal of its forces. One voted against Russian sanctions. Caribbean countries were more united, sans one. See why they voted the way they did and more.
fear of a black planet album cover

Fear of a Black Planet: Nigeria to Overtake China, USA by 2100

Nigeria will have more people than China and the USA by 2100 says an Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation report. UN projections show 8 of the 10 countries that are expected to gain the most people by 2100 are in Africa. In the USA where the population is expected to grow, the country is expected to be majority non-White by 2045.
man in wheelchair

Unplanned Early Retirement?

Although you don't always have control over when you retire, there are ways to help bridge the gap between when your paycheck stops and when you start taking Social Security—or go back to work.
woolly mammoth theatre
bird book statue

Obama Presidential Library Selects First Commissioned Art Work

The Obama Foundation selected South Side Chicago-based artist Richard Hunt to create the first piece in a series of commissioned art for the Obama Presidential Center. Hunt’s sculpture, ‘Book Bird,’ will be placed in the Library Reading Garden outside of the new Chicago Public Library branch on the Obama Presidential Center campus.
kennedra tucker

Be Humble, Sit Down

Kennedra Tuckers has written for Port Of Harlem magazine since she was in high school. Momentum Magazine recently published this article by the now health and physical educator reflecting on her experience with race-based perceptions.
ivan brown of ivan brown realty

Real Estate Brokers Seek to End American Anti-Black Policies

As of last summer, the Black homeownership rate was 44.6% compared to 74.2% for Whites, a gap of 29.6%. In 1960, before Civil Rights and Fair Housing laws were enacted, there was a lower 27-point gap between Black homeownership (38%) and White homeownership (65%), demonstrating the substantial need for policies that support homeownership.
Theo Hodge, Jr. M.D.
tony brown lecture


From Ghana, Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey's watercolor demonstration is online. The Labor Heritage Foundation presents WomynSong Concert. The 100 BLACK 2 Egypt trip is full; see more trips under Travel. Understanding And Navigating The Forces Of Djhuity, Seshat, and Ma'at While Facing The Unknown Unknowns with Anthony Browder is Sat, Mar 19.
fatima drammeh

Readers' Trends

History use to dominate our reader’s choices, but for past couple of issues, the most popular stories have represented more diverse issues including that of University of Gambia graduates embodied by Fatima Drammeh. See what article from our archives has been the number one article searched on our website
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