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Jan 13– Jan 26, 2022
ahmaud arbery

Note to Ahmaud Arbery’s Killers: How Stupid You Must Feel

You felt so entitled that you thought you could just go human hunting and it was going to be OK. Your neighbor was so sure it was going to be OK, he was foolish enough to record it and you didn't have sense enough, after watching the video, hootin' and hollerin' over beer together, and having a hee-haw good ole' time, to tell him to erase your good work.
mayor rohey malick

Gambian Women Demand Equal Representation

Despite winning the mayoral seat in Banjul, Rohey Malick Lowe still recalled the bullying, stereotypes, and the “pull her down syndrome” she went through during her campaign for election to the mayoral seat. The “pull her down syndrome,” also referred to as the “PHD,” is a term that refers to the act of women bringing each other down.
bennie thompson

Children of Cotton Pickers Are Holding Trump Accountable

“Hands that picked cotton, will pick Presidents,” Jesse Louis Jackson use to chant. Not only have they picked presidents, the children of the formerly enslaved are now holding twice impeached, former President Trump accountable. Here are five of them:
Mosaic Theater
cr gibbs

Are You Looking for Black History Month Speakers?

Port Of Harlem is proud to assist subscribers with contacting our writers, guest writers, and those we have covered as potential speakers at their Black History Month events. If you are seeking a particular speaker, send us the following information today and we will pass the information on to the person:

Ignorance of Reconstruction Era Echoes Loudly On Jan 6

The issues grappled with during Reconstruction are among the most pressing issues today. The January 6 insurrection was a reaction in part to the Black Lives Matter movement and other grassroots organizing just as the White supremacy and violence that ended Reconstruction was a racist reaction to the grassroots gains Black Americans made during that period.

Review: Osasu and the Great Wall of the Benin Empire

The story told in "Osasu and the Great Wall" of the Benin Empire does not focus solely on the monarch or the political drama that culminated in the fall of the Empire. Rather, it offers a snapshot of the social culture of the Edo people. And that is fine, insofar as the aim of the book is to introduce the young readers to the powerful kingdom.
port of harlem gambian education partnership


Should you buy a NIOSH-approved N95 mask?, Dear Maple Opens @ Mosaic Theater. The Harlem Art Stroll is in-person while the Schomburg Center's Annual Black Comic Book Festival is online. It’s the Liberian Bicentennial and MLK Day includes events at America's Islamic Heritage Museum. Aviva Travel is going to Spain and Morocco in May. See America ReFramed: The Falconer under "TV."
african up

Readers' Trends

Current events took a full sweep with two of the events being Continental, including the African Cup of Nations (pictured). We were happily surprised that policy-based articles were number one among those who opened the last magazine issue via an email and those who visited our web page.
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