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Note to Ahmaud Arbery’s Killers: How Stupid You Must Feel
Jan 13– Jan 26, 2022
gregory mcmichael

travis mcmichael

william bryan

How stupid must you feel when you have got to spend the rest of your natural born life in prison because you shot somebody for jogging while Black in your neighborhood, while minding his own damn business? You felt so entitled that you thought you could just go human hunting and it was going to be OK.

Your neighbor was so sure it was going to be OK, he was foolish enough to record it and you didn't have sense enough, after watching the video, hootin' and hollerin' over beer together, and having a hee-haw good ole' time, to tell him to erase your good work. You all are going just where you belong.

You just had a new baby. You are never going to get to see that child being raised because you followed your poor excuse of a father into committing a senseless crime in which your neighbor joined in for the fun. Still, you are facing federal charges.

The prosecutor, whom your daddy relied upon to aid and abet and allow that you got away with your crime, is now facing charges, too. Like you, may she also get a fair trial. Let justice prevail!

Not that she knows anything about dispensing fairness and justice. Your father’s reliance on her to ignore your crime against humanity and civility suggests that she was a dirty district attorney who will hopefully face her replacement, the same prosecutor you faced who exemplified what a prosecutor should do. I hope that your former prosecutor friend, now turned defendant, is shaking in her boots as likely did defendants upon whom she was previously empowered to dispense “justice.” May she taste her own medicine, 

I love that since the beginning, Wanda Cooper-Jones, Ahmaud's mother, has been relentless and taking no prisoners. Don't look for a weeping, forgiving Black mother, it ain't happening.

No plea deals! 

No parole!         

No more life for you on the outside!

You will die in prison. She, or after her, her daughter, will make sure of that. I love too that she began her victim impact statement by speaking to her son. I wish, however, she had not referenced his toenails, but that, undoubtedly, was throwing a dig’ at the cheap suit female defense attorney. Who's laughing now?

This has surely been an interesting time for justice in America. May we see the dawning of a new trend: George Floyd, Daunte Wright and now you, your daddy, and your neighbor, all successful convictions of crimes committed against innocent Black people involving officers of the law, current or former. How special is that? Still, we need justice for Breonna!

Note to the public: Did you notice that even though convicted, the three White convicts did not appear in court looking broken, disheveled, disoriented, and dressed in orange jumpsuits? That humiliation and degradation, I suppose, is reserved for convicted Black defendants because if they were Black . . . (you finish the sentence).

I'm so over the double standard. At least this judge did the right thing. America, Black folks in particular, have at least three less racists to contend with. Thank you Madam Prosecutor Linda Dunikoski! Thank you jury! Thank you Judge Timothy Walmsley!

Good Riddance!

Out with the rubbish!&

Ahmaud Arbery cover art by Anson Asaka.

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