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Mar 07 – Mar 20, 2024

Grits, Fufu, Injera Bread, and PanAfricanism & ADWA In Perspective

We are Africans. Full–time. End of Game. POH publisher Wayne Young delivered this message at the 128th Adwa Celebration, Adwa Victory of the Black People; Saturday, March 2, 2024; Embassy of Ethiopia; Washington, Douglass Commonwealth.
brownsville school

One of Earliest Integrated Schools Is Being Preserved

Cass County, Michigan's Calvin, Penn and Porter Townships (known as Young's Prairie) was once home to more than 1,500 freedomseekers. Quaker, Black, and other stationmasters and conductors assisted the freedomseekers in the Michigan county, two hours from Chicago.
Theo Hodge, Jr. M.D.
kevin turner

The Making of From These Shores – Kevin J. Turner (1961 – 2020) United States

Kevin Turner was a part of the POHGEP delegation that handed then Executive Director of the National Council of Arts and Culture Momodou C. Joof a limited edition drawing of Martin Robison Delany, the father of Pan–Africanism, that hangs in the Juffureh Slavery Museum. This exhibition, "From These Shores" is funded by a bequeath from Turner.

Seniors Can Declutter and Embrace Minimalism Before A Downsize With This Guide

Downsizing as a senior can be a transformative experience when approached with careful planning and support.

amar group
weight lifting

Not Lifting Weights May be as Bad as Smoking

We all have two distinctive ages: chronological and biological. Chronological age is the one we're most familiar with. It's the actual time in years, months and days since you were born. Biological age is the age your body acts or functions like.
Saniya Pearson

Dreams 11

A poem by 2024 Prince George's County Youth Poet Laureate, Saniya Pearson. Plus, the link to a performance video by Chicago Poetry Laurette avery r. young's Emmett (til de remix with Studio Revolt).
daley's destinations
harlem stroll


Our readers have diverse interests and live in diverse regions of the world. They also travel. Our list of things to do in Activities reflect these facts. We hope to drop online for the Howard University African Studies International Conference. And, after seeing the Ethiopian exhibit in Baltimore and participating in the Adwa Celebration at the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington, we hope to use the link under Languages to take some time to look into the ancient Ethiopian language of Gaez. When in New York and you like art, check out Harlem Stroll.
frank silvera

Readers' Trends

Jamaican– born Frank Silvera made quite a buzz as a Black man who played White characters on American TV in the legally segregated 1950s. He made a buzz in 2024 in our last issue and on our Facebook page. Click here and see what other topics were on your fellow readers' mind on the other communication platforms.
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