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Dreams ll
Mar 07 – Mar 20, 2024

Saniya Pearson

Dreams, an unclear haze in your mind.

You sometimes think about catching them,
feeling the wisps through your fingertips.

Clouds of possibility never stopping to amaze you 
of how a dream can seem so real, almost tangible 
and yet all there is to taste is air.

Life’s sky.

And we think life is supposed to bend when we bend,
start when we start making it. 
When everything starts to turn in our favor. 
But in truth, those clouded thoughts are still blue sky.

And perhaps if we swallow them long enough 
we’d fly high enough to see Earth’s abundance 
and how it still spins without us. 
Still grounded, though our feet don’t touch it.

Maybe then we’d realize dreams are as tangible 

or intangible 
as we make them 

This land we walk was once a dream too you know 
The only split difference between this and ours is God’s dream became reality
and until we realize time waits for no man. 

Ours will still be clouds.

Full of uncertainty and fluff but a promise to come true 
if we dare to dream long enough.
Note: Performance and history lovers will want see Chicago Poetry Laurette avery r. young’s Emmett (til de remix with Studio Revolt). We also store it on the Activities page under Poetry. 

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