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The Making of From These Shores
Kevin J. Turner (1961 – 2020) United States
Mar 07 – Mar 20, 2024
Praising the Past

The Honoree

After a trip to The Gambia in 2006, Kevin Turner assisted in the formulation of the non-profit, Port of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership (POHGEP). He insisted that we include the word partnership in the name to signify that we work with our Gambian cousins versus Gambians carrying out our wishes. In that same year, Turner was a part of the POHGEP delegation that handed then Executive Director of the National Council of Arts and Culture Momodou C. Joof a limited edition drawing of Martin Robison Delany, the father of Pan-Africanism, that hangs here in the Juffureh Slavery Museum. This exhibition, “From These Shores” is funded by a bequeath from Turner.

From These Shores Creators

from these shores

All of the Artists
Wayne A. Young, President, POHGEP and Publisher, Port Of Harlem magazine
Hassoum Ceesay, Director General, National Centre for Arts and Culture
National Centre for Arts and Culture Staff
Juffureh Albreda Youth Society
Juffureh and Albreda Destination Tour Guides
Ahmâd M. Cęęsay (ߊߤߑߡߊߘ ߛߌ߬ߛߋ߫), N’Ko Script Advisor
Maxine May, Proofreading/Editing
Daiyyah Abdullah, Proofreading/Editing
Dennis Kund, Exhibit Designer
Freda Benjamin, Brochure Designer

The Artist's Creative Explanation

“I approached this wanting to render a portrait that demonstrated Kevin's love for The Gambia. I based this digitally made image on a photograph of him sitting on a couch, but I dressed him in the Gambian national colors. I added golden elements to show the light that Kevin was and words in gold that exemplify the importance he placed on valuing life and the service to others.”

- Artist Angela Hill

N'Ko Script

We display the exhibit’s name in the eight most common languages spoken in The Gambia on the main panel. On this panel, we included the exhibit’s name in N’Ko, a writing system for the Manding languages of which Mandinka is one of them and, the language spoken largely in this region and by Kunta Kinte.
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