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Jun 29 – Jul 12, 2023
william barber

Poor People's Campaign Set an Agenda, Took Action, and Supplied Information

"Until this nation invests its great riches towards those living at the bottom of our society, those who have been discarded and left out, we cannot be silent. When you lift from the bottom everybody rises." concluded Bishop William J. Barber, II, Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis, and Roz Pelles at the Moral Poverty Action Congress.
aime and suzanne  cesiare

Aimé Césaire and Suzanne (née Roussi) Cesaire

Writer-activist Aimé Césaire coined the Pan-Africanist Négritude concept along with poet and future Senegalese President Léopold Senghor and French Guianese writer Léon Damas. Suzanne, wife of Aimé, pioneered in the search for an alternative cultural framework, but her writings are often overshadowed by the work of her husband.
little rock barber

The Barber of Little Rock Explores Wealth Gap

A 35-minute film featuring Arlo Washington, whom we have featured in Port of Harlem, is part of the Indy Shorts Film Festival. The film, "The Barber of Little Rock" explores the racial wealth gap in America through the story of People Trust, a homegrown community bank in Little Rock, Arkansas.
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saikou jabai

Port of Harlem Family Member Selected as a Mandela Fellow

Port of Harlem magazine is proud to announce that Saikou Suwareh Jabai is one of ten young Gambians in the United States for The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders 2023 program. It was Jabai’s father, Suwareh Jabai, whose question got us to start the Port of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership in 2002.

African American Museum Opens in South Carolina: A Dream Once Deferred Is Now Realized

The International African American Museum sits on the former site of Gadsden Wharf in downtown Charleston. It was expected to open the weekend of January 21, 2023, but opened June 27. CR Gibbs links the story of this wharf with that of Valongo Wharf in Brazil.
lion king

The Lion King: King of the Musicals

I marveled at the exotic procession of animals dancing and singing down the aisles past an astounded audience. Some costumes soared fifteen feet above the stage. The Kennedy Center’s opulent ambience waned as the playhouse was swept into the majestic lion kingdom of King Mufasa.
paranormal sagas
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Ghanaians gather in Los Angeles Jun 1 and in Chicago July 29 while in Jackson, Mississippi, the film “Food Apartheid” makes its debut. In DC, Inner Light Ministries’ tribute to Rev. Rainey Cheeks is Jul 1 and see the film “Faith in Blackness: An Exploration of AfroLatine Spirituality” at the National Museum of African American History & Culture while in Brooklyn, the three-day International African Arts Festival starts.
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Readers' Trends

Inclusion and diversity rules on three of the four platforms we use. However, we do have readers who will make comments about groups of people they would not want made about themselves. Nevertheless, we are inclusive and invite all to share and to grow. Help us grow; invite a friend to subscribe to Port of Harlem magazine today.
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