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The Barber of Little Rock Explores Wealth Gap
Jun 29 – Jul 12, 2023

the barber of little rock

A 35-minute film featuring Arlo Washington, whom we have featured in Port of Harlem, is part of the Indy Shorts Film Festival. The film, "The Barber of Little Rock" explores the racial wealth gap in America through the story of People Trust, a homegrown community bank in Little Rock, Arkansas, working to uplift a community that has been largely excluded from the financial engines that create wealth.

The film is available online July 18, 12p to July 23, 11:59 PM and in-person Fri, Jul 21, 7:45p at Living Room Theaters - Theater 4, 745 E 9th St, Suite 810, Indianapolis. The festival includes 165+ short films curated into 29 themed programs.

From Our Archives: From Barber to Financial Institution Chief

Podcast Interview: Sep 17, 2020 Guests: Ric Murphy and Arlo Washington (second half)
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