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port of harlem magazine
January 28, 2021 – February 10, 2021
david walker's appeal

David Walker's 1829 Appeal, A Historic Publication and Source of Inspiration

Almost 200 years ago, a clear Black voice issued a mighty appeal to Black people in the United States and beyond to unite, become self–determining, and end slavery no matter the cost. In 1829, freedman David Walker published "David Walker’s Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World."

Bitcoin Primer

What exactly is Bitcoin, and what are the risks involved in using it as a form of payment or as an investment opportunity? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.
internal insurrectionist

Internal Insurrectionist

I question whether the internal insurrectionist who spread disinformation on Vice President Harris should be held accountable, too? While the internal insurrectionist’s damage may not be physical, there actions are undoubtedly a form of voter suppression because they lead to more confusion, questions, and doubts, then they damper enthusiasm and support.
black memorabilia show
byda - road

POH Gambian Education Partnership: BYDA Builds Road, Amazon Donations Up

While the 2020 floods were devastating to many, 2021 is a dream come true for many of the Gambian villagers including those who funded the project by donating bags of cement, rocks, and sand. Most of the labor was completed by volunteers, most under the age of 30. Only a small sliver of funds came from expatriates and others in Europe and America.
october gallery

New Interesting Art, Children, and Black Fact Books

It’s Black History Month and the books are rolling in for reviews. We chose three of them, all from independent publishers, including an art, children’s, and facts book. Pictured: Blue Face by Chet Highsmith.
hope statue - tulsa

Oklahoma Senator Sparks Race Debate as Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Begins

And, while the Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission seeks reconciliation for the 1921 battle against Blacks, some are considering whether Blacks should be reconciling with Senator Lankford over of his most recent actions.
ivan brown realty
dr leonard jefferies


For young adults and adults, see the series of Black History month programs including Dr. Leonard Jeffries' presentation (pictured). For children, see the Global Read Webinar Series and for Americans looking for their stimulus check status, look under “Stimulus Checks.” Of course, we have theater links including Woolly Mammoth’s newest production, “Hi, Are You Single?”
cosby trump

Readers' Trends

What a two-week period it has been. Vice President Kamala Harris dominated our readers’ picks. However, Port Of Harlem is not all hard facts, our Instagram post of Bill Cosby braiding the hair of potential jail-bird donald trump got a standing ovation.
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