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May 30 – Jun. 12, 2024
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Golden Time Of Day: Philly Honors Native Son, Singer Frankie Beverly With Street Renaming

Philadelphia celebrated native son and R&B singer Frankie Beverly, 77, Saturday with a ceremonial renaming of the 6000 block of Norwood Street in Germantown where his childhood home sits as "Frankie Beverly Way."
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Favorite Special Event Vendors Go Online, Too

Many businesses have shuttered several brick–and–mortar retail units as their customers migrate to the Internet. The closing rate escalated when the COVID–19 pandemic hit. This change in how people do business has also changed how three small businesses operate: Khismet Wearable Art, Niani Gallery, and Anthony Driver Designs. Image: Sterling silver rare antique Pende pendant from the Congo and carnelian stone by Niani Gallery.
Niani Gallery in Alexandria, VA

SAMMAEL The Archangel of Death A Spiritual Paranormal Romance

After losing The Great War in Heaven, Lucifer and a third of the Angels were cast down to earth. Refusing to accept defeat, Lucifer devised a plan to use God's so loved as pawns in their never–ending battle. He and his followers knew that Adam and Woman were instructed by I AM not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. So, he persuaded them that I AM knew that they would be like Him if they did eat.
jasahn brown

The Debate over Student Prayer in Schools

Ultimately, the debate hinges on how to balance the competing principles of religious freedom and the separation of church/mosque and state within the schoolhouse gates.
Khismet Wearable Art, Millee Spears
sultan yusuf

King Tut Winners and Podcast

"Thank you for granting me the tickets! Just in time for the trip to Egypt!" responded Jennifer Penn. And, on Port of Harlem Podcasts, we go deep into Egyptian fashion, religion, and politics with Egyptologists, archeologists, professor, and consultant for "Tutankhamun: His Tomb and His Treasures," Melinda Hartwig.

How to Get Started on a Plant–Based–Diet

But the idea of eating plant-based is not something to stress out about. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics states these diets are appropriate for all stages of the life cycle, including infancy, childhood, and athletes.
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The Hampton Olfus, Jr Art Exhibit opens June 5 in Rockville, MD. The reception is on June 7. The ODUNDEl returns to Philadelphia on Fri, Jun. 9. Rose: You Are Who You Eat opens in DC at Woolly Mammoth Theater. Under Young Adults, see the link to BOOPABLE! – The Official Music Video for the Children:s Book by Mary Ann Redmond. We will review this and other children's books in the next issue.
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Readers' Trends

Congressperson Jasmine Crockett's (D–TX) "bleach blonde, bad-built, butch body" comment was number one on our Facebook and Instagram pages. The St. Louis native's phrase has become the one beat as Congressperson Maxine Waters’ (DA–CA) "Reclaiming my time" sets with the sun. Waters is also a St. Louis native.
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