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How Safe is it to Have Sex After Surgery?
Oct 05 – Oct 18, 2023

Many questions can arise after orthopedic surgery: When will I start feeling like myself again? How soon can I return to normal activities? And perhaps one that many people wonder, but don’t often ask: When is it safe to have sex?

Dr. Steven Chudik, an orthopedic surgeon at Advocate Health Care, emphasizes the importance of talking with your doctor about post-operation sex life.

“You are not the first to have questions or concerns. You will not embarrass yourself or your surgeon, so do not let it keep you from discussing your particular situation,” says Dr. Chudik.

One patient may only have to wait a few weeks, while it may be months before others can return to his or her prior sex life. Allowing time for recovery to ensure that complications don’t arise during sexual encounters is crucial.

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