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Theo Hodge, Jr. M.D.
Jun 15 – Jun 28, 2023
father pfleger

Chicago's Father Pfleger Warns of the Black/Brown Migrant Trap Over Crumbs

To those who are against the presence of the migrants in this sanctuary city, Chicago's Father Michael Louis Pfleger said, "Don’t fall into the trap. Step back and say no you will take care of everybody. You came together to raise the ceiling debt. Now come together and raise the humanity debt that is going on in this country," Pfleger reasoned.
george washington carver

George Washington Carver, Agriculturist Extraordinaire (1860? – 1943), United States

Moses Carver owned George from birth, and as a youngster, George would refer to himself as Carver's George.

AMA Adopts New Policy Clarifying the Role of BMI as a Measure in Medicine

Body Mass Index should not be used as a sole criterion to deny appropriate insurance reimbursement says a new American Medical Association report.
woolly mammoth theatre
west papuan child

Sa Star Kejora Baby/I am the Morning Star, Dear

A poem written by Gerson Awepapa, a West Papuan advocate for freedom and self–determination for West Papua, which lies on the western half of the island of New Guinea, near Australia. There are many countries using the name Guinea or some form of it in Oceania, South America, and Africa. Some suggest it was the Portuguese who were the first Europeans who began to refer to the "Black" African peoples living south of the Senegal River as Guinea.

Children's Book Review: Imhotep of Ancient Kemet

Imhotep author Nigerian–Canadian Ekiuwa Aire has written a series of illustrated children's books about African history. Parents and teachers can find teaching tools to accompany the books on her website.

Crime, Comedy, and Messy: Incendiary

Tanya (Nehassaiu deGannes) hasn't been allowed to visit her son Eric in 10 years, but she unabashedly conceives a plan to ensure she visits him on his 33rd birthday, also his scheduled execution date.
Mosaic Theater
gabriielle union


Juneteenth celebrations are happening from Seneca Village in New York City to Emancipation Park in Houston June 17. CR Gibbs is at the Woodridge library June 20 and a memorial service for Randall Robison is June 24 in DC. CHAMP: Deaf Artists of Color Redefining the Performing Arts is at the Apollo in New York June 20. Filmmaker Omar Njagan will sign his new book in Brikama June 21. The Miller Beach Farmers Market is now open Sundays in Gary. Gabrielle Union's travels to Africa is on BET+.
trump is toast

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