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Theo Hodge, Jr. M.D.
Chicago's Father Pfleger Warns of the Black/Brown Migrant Trap Over Crumbs
Jun 15 – Jun 28, 2023
father pfleger

Referring to the growing divide between Blacks and Hispanics over the City Council’s approval of $51 million to care for the growing migrant population, Father Michael Pfleger warned African Americans to not fall into the ethnic and cultural “trap” created by those “at the top.”

“There are powers in control who would like to keep Black and brown people divided and against each other, fighting for the crumbs they throw from the table,” said Pfleger. “We must not allow that. We must unite, Black, brown and white who are of one conscience for justice and demand that every person has food, shelter, clothing and education."

“Do not let the powers that be divide us between Black and brown people,” said Pfleger during his Sunday, June 4, worship service. “We must not play into the hands of those who will continue to divide us while they stay on the top.

“I understand the anger. I understood those who stood up at the City Council meeting angry about the $51 million that is part of $500 million,” Pfleger said. “I was angry this week that a homeless person was turned away because they were told the police station could only take in migrants."

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