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Khismet Wearable Art, Millee Spears
Nov 30 – Dec 13, 2023
winter festival lights

Annual Winter Festival Returns to Prince George's

The 37th Annual Winter Festival of Lights opened in Prince George's County, Maryland November 24 and remains open until January 1, 2024.The drive–through outdoor festival is open daily.
wellstar atlanta

Ukraine, Now Palestine, Are American Blacks Neglecting Their Own?

Some have told me, but did you see how "evil Israel" destroyed that hospital in Gaza? My response: in many African American communities there was once a hospital, but now there are no hospitals to even bomb and as Sojourner Truth might had added, ain't we human?
renovated house with llights on

Cast Down Your Bucket Where You Are: Renovating IN Gary, IN

When creating a modern, but traditional setting inside the renovated house, the first decisions centered around what furniture to keep. Interestingly, I found that it was often cheaper to buy new furniture than to have old furniture restored.
paranormal sagas

Public Obscenities, If We Only Knew

If we only knew about the Hijra maybe we would not have initially found Public Obscenities so weird. Like many Woolly Mammoth plays, Obscenities not only entertained, it stretched my mind.

Sophie Redmond Doctor and Keeper of the Culture (1907-1955) Suriname

Sophie Redmond was a doctor with her own practice in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname. She often wore a koto, the African–Surinamese traditional dress. Her work was mostly in Sranantongo, an English–based Creole language.
master slave

2023 Book Award Nominee – Master Slave Husband Wife

Dressed in "drag," Ellen Craft and William Craft saw themselves out of America slavery and into physical freedom. Master Slave Husband Wife: An Epic Journey from Slavery to Freedom by Ilyon Woo has been named as one of 25 nominees for the 2023 Goodreads prize in history and biography.Prizes in all categories will be announced on December 7.
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If we were in Boston, we would not miss Phillis in Boston (see image) or if in Mobile, Rosa Parks Day. You will need access to the internet to participate in the Censorship of Sexual Freedom webinar and a car for the 37th Annual Winter Festival of Lights in Upper Marlboro, MD. CR Gibbs is at the Woodridge Library in DC, Tue, Dec 5, 6p, and you can take the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Jim Crow Literacy test now.

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