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Sep 08 – Sep 21, 2022

Would Harriet Be an Avid NFL Fan?

Feel free to tell me how it's being "like Harriet" to watch the NFL when we, not our ancestors, have witnessed the league's career lashing of Colin Kaepernick, the emotional raping of Brian Flores, and their systemic degradation of Black cognition? Here is a recap of this current "history" that is being presented in our daily news–print and electronic:
call me abou

Review: Call Me Abou

The most refreshing part of reading stories by non–American writers is that they often break western formulas. This is one reason why the now deceased Nigerian–British writer Buchi Emecheta remains my favorite storyteller. Competing for that title now is Gambian Sanusi Camara with the release of his second novel, "Call Me Abou."
recipe for change

POH Presents: "Recipe for Change" and Discussion – Sat, Sep 10

Join Port of Harlem publisher Wayne Young and Port of Harlem contributor Kennedra Tucker for a 30–minute ZOOM discussion on "Recipe for Change: Amplifying Black Women" show Sat, Sep 10, 8p -8:30p (Washington, DC time).
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At 79 Percent of Gambian Education Goal – Will Reach 100 Percent by Sep 17

Thanks to our latest donors, we are on our way to reaching our goal of $1,970 for our Gambian student sponsorship and other programs. We have $1,561 or 79 percent of the $1,970 needed. School starts Monday, September 26. We need your donation by Saturday, September 17.
freedom's stand - high line art

NYC's High Line Presents Chicago's Faheem Majeed's Freedom's Stand

In Freedom's Stand, Faheem Majeed highlights how Black newspapers record history as it is made in the United States, sharing stories and perspectives that are often under– and misreported by mainstream media, even today.
color purple

The Color Purple – Filling Oprah's Shoes

Generally, experiencing "The Color Purple" again was like watching a Perry Mason rerun. Knowing the big picture took the intrigue out of the viewing and allowed me to digest the story's details.
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omay sayyid


Under History, The CBS News segment "The opera 'Omar,' on a Muslim slave in America," is worth seeing. That and another segment under Politics, "Angela Davis on Continuing to Fight for Change," were brought to our attention by readers like you. Also, under Politics join us for "The Ronald H. Brown African Series Panel: Online Participation" Sat, Sep 10, 3:30p-5:30p and our own "Recipe for Change" and Discussion – Sat, Sep 10, 8p-8:30p.

Readers' Trends

Our new regular contributor EJ Brock, author of more than 40 spiritual paranormal sagas, has one article that was the favorite amongst our subscribers and another amongst those landing on our website. Our Herschel Walker based–on–facts–parody was tops on our Facebook page and an African proverb we found in "Call Me Abou" was the hit on our Instagram page.
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