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At 79 Percent of Gambian Education Goal – Will Reach 100 Percent by Sep 17
Sep 08 – Sep 21, 2022
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Thanks to our latest donors, we are on our way to reaching our goal of $1,970 for our Gambian student sponsorship and other programs. We have $1,561 or 79 percent of the $1,970 needed. We raised most of the money via Facebook, followed by our own platform and GoFundMe. School starts Monday, September 26. We need your donation by Saturday, September 17.

We already thankfully overreached our goal of $200 with $210 for the Library Fund and we are only $19 short of our $250 goal for general overhead expenses. We also need two sponsorships for girls and three sponsorships for boys. The Port of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership has some expected donations that should come in and make this another successful fundraising year.

Our latest donors include: Ivan Brown, Shari Curtis, Anonymous (Washington, Douglass Commonwealth), Avis Mathews (Chicago, Illinois), Pamela Morris (Detroit), Carol Bryant (New York City), and George Gunn (Dinwiddie, Virginia).

To sponsor a male or female is only $80 per year. With your donation, each student gets: a uniform, shoes, lunch (for the year), exercise books, book rental, study fees, and a school bag. Each $80 donor will get a video thank you from the child(ren) they are sponsoring.  You can also donate any amount to the male or female scholarship fund and any amount to the Building Libraires fund and the General Overhead fund.

Our biggest question remains the cost of repairing the library after another record-breaking flood. “The water has not gone back yet,” said Buba Camara, president of the Baobab Youth Development Association (BYDA) that manages the BYDA Phyliss Wheatley Library.

Please donate now on our site (via PayPal), Facebook, GoFundMe, or send a check or money order to:  

3215 W Street, SE
Washington, DC 20020

Email us first, if you want to use Zelle, with your name and donation allocation wishes. We will then reply with the cell number.

Note: School starts Monday, September 26. We need your donation by Saturday, September 17.

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