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Oct 06 – Oct 19, 2022
sameer dossani

Monbiot’s Colonial View of Eden

To restore some form of balance and sustainability to the earth means learning not from George Monbiot and his colonising ilk, but from the native peoples of Africa, Asia, and the Americas who were living along side nature for millennia before Europeans sought to conquer it (and them), writes, very thoroughly, Johannesburg based health and nutrition coach Sameer Dossani.
members of the African diaspora

White House Meeting on U.S.-Africa Leaders' Summit: December 13-15

White House officials met with members of the African diaspora September 28 and shared plans for the upcoming U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit, the first since 2014. When comparing the difference between Biden-Harris’ and Trump-Pence’s relationship with Africa, veteran activist Ron Daniels stated that when Trump was in office, “We were totally ignored.” (See how Port of Harlem readers are also involved in African affairs.)
heinz bottle

What’s New in Food Packaging To Make It More Sustainable?

In the wake of growing concerns about climate change and food product packaging’s role in it, companies are taking action to make packaging more sustainable.
woolly mammoth theatre
social media

Proactive Steps to Secure Social Media, Phone Upon Death

The legacy contact option on various platforms allows the account holder to invite someone they trust to take over their social media accounts and cell phone data after death.
nigeria celebration sticker

Nigerians’ Preference For English Worries Federal Government

As Nigeria celebrates its 62nd year of independence, many question its ability to maintain pre-colonial languages. We also relook at language preservation efforts in South Africa, The Gambia, and some other West African nations.
sugar town queens

Book Review: Sugar Town Queens

"Sugar Town Queens" is at its heart a story of what South Africans call ubuntu–love and strength in action—of the love between mothers and daughters, of friends helping friends, and of a broken family beginning to form new bonds.
nubia k essentials
ifa bayeza


Mosaic Theater in DC opens its fall season with "The Till Trilogy" by Ifa Bayeza (pictured). Test Your COVID IQ! - see Health/COVID-19, still at the top of the page. The Fiesta De La Familia is Sun, Oct 16 in Adelphi, MD. Understanding this Medicare Mess with Tayvon Jackson is online Wed, Oct 12. as are business clases from Impact Hub Baltimore. The Las Vegas Black Rodeo is Sat, Oct 15.
john lewis - good trouble - vote

Readers' Trends

With Stacey Abrams finding it necessary to make an extra effort to motivate Black men to vote and to vote for her, it was good to see this meme featuring the late John Lewis as the most popular on our Facebook page. Eva Brock continues to win fans as she finishes her newest book and promises a new POH article. Another one of POH publisher's family pictures is the hit on Instagram, see what you missed.
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