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Sep 22 – Oct 05, 2022
carlos walker

Artist Carlos Walker: In Real Time

Artist Carlos Walker’s unique perspective has its inception birthed in prison following an incident between an African American correctional officer (C0) and a White inmate. "I want them (White people) to see what it's like to be on the receiving end," says Walker, who has been a productive returned citizen for more than three years.
barbara lockhart

Underground Railroad Free Press Names 2022 Awardees

The Underground Railroad Free Press (URFP) has named its 2022 Awardees. By awarding the prizes, the URFP promotes awareness of contemporary Underground Railroad work. The prizes recognize work in three categories: leadership, preservation, and advancement of knowledge. Pictured: preservation awardee Barbara Lockhart.
melrose cottage

Cheyney University Advances Plans To Restore 240–Year–Old Campus Cottage, Convert To Welcome Center

As part of Cheyney University of Pennsylvania's efforts to transform its campus by preserving history and creating state–of–the–art facilities, the university will restore the Melrose Cottage, originally constructed in the late 1700s. Cheyney is America's first Historically Black College and University.
woolly mammoth theatre
ain't no mo

Ain't No Mo – In DC – See It Now, Headed for Broadway

I wasn't too sure to be disgusted or defeated until the dispute between the "born" Black women and the "transracial" Black woman – as part of the play – broke out. Creative, I thought. Then comic relief came flooding down when the transracial woman retorted a line borrowed from "The Color Purple."
african on the mississippi

Film Producers to Join Conversation About "Africans on the Mississippi "Cuttin" Cane"

MPCPMP will broadcast "Africans on the Mississippi "Cuttin" Cane." The broadcast will be via ZOOM and Facebook Live, Thu, Sep 29, 2022, from 7p– 8p ET. After the film, the creators and film makers, Darryl Hambrick and Spencer Howard, will join viewers in a conversation.
Gambia River Soap

Fundraising Goals Exceeded

We have exceeded our 2022 Port of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership Fundraising goal by $91. Later this year, we hope to have additional Gambia River Soap made by the women's division of the Baobab Youth Development Association. They make all– natural soap with Gambian and Senegalese (Senegambian) ingredients including cashew, ginger, mango, moringa, peppermint, and shea butter soap.
aviva travel
theo hodge, jr MD


POH Podcast has two new editions. Also online, try Trayvon Jackson's talk about finances with young adults. The in– person CHAUKIDU International Conference starts Sep 29 for Ki–Swahili enthusiasts, urban planners don’t miss the Downtown Largo Walking Tour & Social Oct 6, and "A Night with Jackie "Moms” Mabley" happens until Oct 9.

Readers' Trends

In the last issue, two of EJ Brock's articles tagged the number one spot and a third article does the same in this issue – – see which one is it. A Gambian novelist also hit number one as did our robust international discussion about Queen Elizabeth on Facebook. And, see who is looking at POH publisher Wayne Young.
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