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How to Save Money on Travel
Jun 2 – Jun 15, 2022

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Key takeaways We all feel it—it's time for a vacation. Nearly 90% of Americans are traveling this summer, with about half expecting to be away for more than 2 weeks. It's too bad that traveling is expensive—and getting more expensive, thanks to a combination of increased demand boosting prices and inflation. So it's no surprise that 69% of people planning summer vacations say they are changing, shortening, or skipping their trips because of increased costs

Smart changes in how you book and travel can make getting away more affordable. Read on for 9 tips on how to travel for less.

1. Book flights 2 months in advance Plane tickets are usually more expensive if you book at the last minute. Start looking at fares months before your trip, and then book when you spot a comparatively low rate. On average, the best time to book a flight is about 2 months before flying, and you can often find the cheapest rate directly on the airline's website. Checking out third-party vendor sites can help you figure out which airline offers the lowest prices

2. Time your travel right

Flights, train tickets, and rental car prices are higher on the busiest days of the week, which are typically Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. If you can, travel on Tuesdays or Wednesdays when there's usually less demand and lower prices, on average. Renting a car on a Tuesday instead of a Friday could mean a big discount.

It's not always possible, but if you have some flexibility, try to avoid peak times, such as holidays and school breaks. Traveling during "shoulder season"—the period between high season and off-seasons—may increase your chances of finding a deal. For example, September and November in Hawaii or April and May in Florida.

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