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Aug 11 – Aug 24, 2022
blood over nudiity

Sexual Freedom Summit: It's about Males, Females, and X Controlling Their Bodies

"I was in a Swedish home watching TV with a family including their five-year-old child and when nudity came on the screen. They thought nothing of the nudity. However, when violence came on, the mother grabbed the child and put her hands over his eyes," says sexual literacy expert Dr. Mark Schoen.
american prophet

American Prophet (Frederick Douglass) – Entertaining, not Liberating

The thoughts of historian and Port of Harlem contributor CR Gibbs rushed to my forethoughts. An imaginary Gibbs appeared on my shoulder and reminded me: TV shows, movies, and plays are for entertainment, if you want facts and a balanced story, read some books, bro.
anything's possible

Anything's Possible

I wrongly assumed the movie would mirror Billy Porter's persona and tremendously overload my senses. However, in his directing debut, the Pittsburgh native presents a story that is refreshingly fresh.
port of harlem gambian education partnership
Call me abou

Call Me Abou

An excerpt of "Call Me Abou" by Sanusi Camara.

Synopsis: Abou lost his father before he was born. His mother remarried and his life became bright until his stepfather passed away. Abou's mother was soon accused of witchcraft and he learned what people are like when they are afraid.
meredith beal

POH Contributors Make News for Work in Africa, Out of Prison, and Running for Congress

Port Of Harlem contributors Meredith Beal and Tyrone Colbert, and former contributor Omar Bah are making waves at home and abroad. "I am always excited to see people with whom we work with do well," says POH publisher Wayne Young. Media entrepreneur Beal (pictured) will receive The Voice Achievers Award in Banjul August 20.
Fatoumatta J Bah

Change a Gambian's Life, Forever: Scholarships Are Only $80 Per Year

We hope past donors will continue to support children like Fatoumatta. We welcome new donors. Scholarships are only $80 for the entire year! With your donation, each student gets: a uniform, shoes, lunch (for the year), exercise books, book rental, study fees, and a school bag. Listen to hear Thank You video.
amar group
millies spears shirt


The Marcus Garvey Parade is in Baltimore Aug 20, online see Jewish Food Can Be Black Food — and Vice Versa, Khismet Wearable Art's Batick Shirt Collection Pop-Up (pictured) is Aug 13 in DC, and "My Brother Langston" in Chicago starts Aug 13. Under Young Adults, check out Read Africa ALoud.
nichelle nickens and lavar burton

Readers' Trends

The late Nichelle Nickels, LaVar Burton, Kori Walker and Multiple Sclerosis, Tyrone Colbert post-prison, and the floods in The Gambia peaked our readers' interest. Seeing the walls of a home collapes was disheartning. Thanks for reading, liking, and following us. August in Black Business Month. Invite a friend to get a free subscription (sign up) to Port of Harlem.
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