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Change a Gambian's Life, Forever: Scholarships Are Only $80 Per Year
Aug 11 – Aug 24, 2022
fatoumatta j bah

jabel ceesay

Hello, I am Jabel Ceesay, the secretary to Baobab Youth Development Association.  We are most thankful for your contributions to developing The Gambia by supporting our youth’s education.

Many of the 19 students you sponsor never thought they would have the opportunity to attend school because their parents didn't go to school. The benefits of this scholarship cannot be overemphasized. It gives students the opportunity to go to school and be genuine members of society. 

Fatoumatta J Bah, for instance, use to sell water on the streets for the family's upkeep. Nonetheless, with the intervention of the scholarship program, she is now on the verge of graduating from high school.

Last year was our first year of sending donors, like yourself, a thank you video from the student you sponsor. Sending the videos to the donors was a bit complex as it was the first time. However, it was good for donors to see and hear directly from their beneficiaries.

We hope past donors will continue to support children like Fatoumatta. We welcome new donors.

Scholarships are only $80 for the entire year!  With your donation, each student gets: a uniform, shoes, lunch (for the year), exercise books, book rental, study fees, and a school bag.

We need only need 19 donors. Renew your support or become one today.


Jabel Ceesay

P.S. School starts Monday, September 26. We need your donation by Saturday, September 17.

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