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Sacred Nile – with Photographer Chester Higgins
April 7 – April 20, 2022
Praising the Past

sacred nile

If the name Chester Higgins rings a bell, but returns with no answer, it may because you have seen his name on photographs he has taken. His stellar images have appeared from the New York Times and Essence magazine to The Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore and the American Embassy Gallery in Nairobi.

People are hearing more of his voice now with the release of his eighth book, “Sacred Nile.”  The photo book with historical information will change the way many think about history and the role Africans have played in faith making. Many who have read and or have followed the likes of the late Yosef Ben-Jochannan and/or Tony Browder will probably find the book an affirmation with lucid pictures to accompany what they have learned and researched.  

Higgins, a Tuskegee University graduate, want Blacks to use the awakening or picturesque reinforcement the book provides to reclaim their sacred legacy. “Our sacred agency does not come from Whiteness, it comes from Blackness,” he said in a definitive interview on WBAI-New York.

Higgins first began traveling to and photographing Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt in 1973. He counts having made 20, 6-week trips and lots of studying in between. “It’s been cheaper than therapy,” he quips. The knowledge that he shares does not separate him from scholars such as Dr. Ben or Browder, it’s the photographs along with the text. 

Higgins on Port Of Harlem Talk Radio:
Thu, Apr 14

We talk with Higgins on the next episode of Port Of Harlem Talk Radio with host Wayne Young, Thursday, April 14. The podcast should be available by 11p. We will split the interview into two 30-minute “work-out” sessions, with the first half focusing on the book’s content in general. The second half will focus on the book’s pictures and the questions and thoughts they provoke.

Like so many of us, his earliest experiences with Egypt were via the Bible as taught by western-dominated religions, so during the first half of our talk we will share our “awakening” moments. We also talk about his seeing The Book of Coming Forth By Day – the earliest known holy scriptures - printed in stone 2,000 years before the Bible. The second half of our talks will include his sharing information about the Waaqaa religion.

The show will be available, along with all past shows, on your laptop and where ever you get your podcasts. Click here for details.

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