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Feb 18, 2021 Guests

george tolbert

George Tolbert

ida jones

Dr. Ida Jones

Current Show: George Tolbert and Dr. Ida Jones

Thu, Feb 18, 8:00p

George Tolbert, former and first official Black United States Senate photographer. Tolbert is also Vice-President of the
Exposure Group  African American Photographers Association. Online now is an exhibit of photographs from his group and the FotoCraft Camara Club. The exhibit is called “Washington DC: City of Interest, City of Change.” on the DC Public Library website.

Thu, Feb 04, 8:30p

University Archivist at Morgan State University Dr. Ida Jones and author of “Baltimore Civil Rights Leader Victorine Q. Adams.” Jones is also a life member of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) and a member of the Bethel Dukes Branch of ASLAH. We center our talk on the 2021 Black History Theme: The Black Family: Representation, Identity, And Diversity.

2021 Episode 4

Feb 04, 2021 Guests

juanita britton

Juanita "BZB" Britton

Dr. Oye Owolewa

Rep. Dr. Oye Owolewa

Current Show: Juanita "BZB" Britton and Rep. Dr. Oye Owolewa

Thu, Feb 04, 8:00p

Juanita "BZB" Britton shares the behind the scene business calculations that led to the closing of her airport stores due to the pandemic and the business tasks of re-opening of the Anacostia Art Boutique in Washington, DC. (great show for current and prospective business owners)

Thu, Feb 04, 8:45p

DC Shadow Representative to the US Congress Dr. Oye Owolewa talks about the struggle for DC Statehood, his "shadow" position, and being the first Nigerian-American elected to this position in US history.

2021 Episode 3

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Jan 21, 2021 Guests

nathan richardson

Nathan Richardson

theo hodge jr

Dr. Theo Hodge, Jr.

Nathan Richardson and Dr. Theo Hodge, Jr.

Thu, Jan 21, 8:00p

Spoken word artist and Frederick Douglass reenactor Nathan Richardson talks about how the current USA crisis compares to those during Reconstruction I. See his article "January 20, 2021 Should Not Be 1863 All Over Again," in the current issue of Port Of Harlem.

Thu, Jan 21, 8:30p

Port Of Harlem contributor Dr. Theo Hodge, Jr. talks about the similarities of dealing with HIV and COVID-19 education and pandemics in one lifetime. He is actively involved in multiple speaker bureaus dedicated to educating healthcare providers in the management of the HIV infected.

2021 Episode 2

Jan 07, 2021 Guests

sekou franklin

Dr. Sekou Franklin

Mike Ghouse

Mike Ghouse

Dr. Sekou Franklin and Mike Ghouse

Thu, Jan 07, 8:00p

Dr. Sekou Franklin, Associate Professor of Political Science at Middle Tennessee State University – Nashville, talks with us about the outcomes of the Georgia senate races and the upcoming November 2022 senate races. See US Senate Elections 2022. He is also co-author of Losing Power: African Americans and Racial Polarization in Tennessee Politics.

Thu, Jan 07, 8:30p

Mike Ghouse is the author of the American Muslim Agenda. He is also a public speaker, interfaith wedding officiant, and the executive director of the Center for Pluralism in Washington, DC. We will talk about his article Kamala-Ji Harris, an Indian-American Perspective.

2021 Episode 1

black memorabilia show
Dec 24, 2020 Guests

dwayne dyce

Dr. Dwayne Dyce

frankyln malone

Franklyn Malone

lou fields

Lou Fields

Dwayne Dyce and Franklyn Malone, and Lou Fields

Dr. Dwayne Dyce, chair of the Jamaica Diaspora Education Taskforce, appears on Port Of Harlem Talk Radio, Thursday, December 24, 8p-8:45p.  He illuminates his experiences growing up without a father, his search for his father, and its unexpected outcome. Dyce will also share how his childhood experiences affect his parenting his daughter. Read his article “Growing up Fatherless, Yet Becoming an Empowered Parent,” in the current issue of Port Of Harlem.

Franklyn Malone, Founder & CEO of 100 Fathers, says, “Fatherhood cannot be caught, it cannot bought, it has to be taught” will join the discussion about 20 minutes into the show. His organization leads fathers toward greater involvement with their children and families.  Malone also hosts the internet radio show Fatherhood Next Level Empowerment Hour.

During the last 15 minutes, Lou Fields, President of the African American Tourism Council of Maryland and author of “Freedom Seeker,” talks about the state of tourism in Baltimore and his new book which focuses on Baltimore abolitionists.

2020 Episode 10

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