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December 09, 2021 Guest

cr gibbs

CR Gibbs

CR Gibbs

Thu, Dec 09, 8p

Historian CR Gibbs shares the history of racial dog whistles in America.

Background Article: Youngkin, Virginia, and the New Dog Whistles: Three Reports

Birth of a Nation, states’ rights, busing, welfare, disannexation, Willie Horton, defund the police, and Let's Go Brandon are all dog whistles used to signal Whites, some Blacks, and some others, that they should fear the children of the formerly enslaved Africans.

2021 Episode 21

November 18, 2021 Guest

reginal douglas

Reginald Douglas

Reginald Douglas

Thu, Nov 18, 8p

Fall has been a good season for Reginald Douglas. As he is directing White Noise, now in rehearsal, at Studio Theater in Northwest, Washington, DC, across town in Northeast, Washington, Mosaic Theater named him Artistic Director. So often when we read or talk about theater, we talk about what is most visible, the actors. With Douglass, we talked about his past and current theater jobs to get a better understanding of the many efforts that go into making what we see on stage and what is to come at Mosaic Theater.

2021 Episode 20

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October 28, 2021 Guest

ken gwira

Ken Gwira 

Chris Jenkins and Ken Gwira

Thu, Oct 28, 8p

Chris Jenkins (POH Subscriber C. Christopher Jenkins' New Children Books) shares how he fulfilled another item on his bucket list, publisher two children’s book and preparing for the audio version. 

Ken Gwira Artist Commissions Creation of Shoes share how he made his dream a reality, having his artwork on his own shoe brand.

2021 Episode 19

November 18, 2021 Guest

sharon farmer

Sharon Farmer

Thu, Sep 30, 8p

Sharon Farmer, first African-American woman to be hired as a White House photographer and the first African American and first female to be Director of the White House Photography office, provides tips and techniques that will help you improve your cell phone photography.

Our talk is an offspring of a workshop, Click – Top Photographers Offered Cell Phone Photography Tips, she did with George Tolbert at the Alexandria Black History Museums. The event was co-sponsored by The Exposure Group African American Photographers Association, Inc., which she is a proud member, the Alexandria Black History Museum, and Port Of Harlem magazine.

2021 Episode 18

black memorabilia show
September 16, 2021 Guest

dr anyanwu

Dr. Ogechi E Anyanwu 

Dr. Ogechi E Anyanwu 

Thu, Sep 16, 8p

Dr. Ogechi Anyanwu is professor of history and director of African and African American studies at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky. He just released “The Making of Mbano: British Colonialism, Resistance, and Diplomatic Engagements in Southeastern Nigeria, 1906–1960.”

Mbano is a community located in the South-Eastern state of Imo State, Nigeria. The community spans two local government areas with about 400,000 people or the population size of Oklahoma City.

In his book, Anyanwu repudiates the misrepresentation of the continent by providing authentic, ironclad proof that Africans—in this case, the Igbos of Mbano in Southeastern Nigeria—were resilient and unyielding to colonial mandates.

2021 Episode 17
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