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Recorded On
Apr 28, 2022

eric ruffin

Eric Ruffin, director of Mosaic Theater's Marys Seacole

We talk with director Eric Ruffin, director of Mosaic Theater’s upcoming play Marys Seacole and find out more about Seacole and how Ruffin will shape the H Street theater’s story of this pioneering woman of African heritage.

She made her mark in The Caribbean, Central America, Europe, and with Americans going overland to the California Gold Rush via Panama. It’s her work during the Crimean War (1853-1856) that rivals that of Florence Nightingale'sduring the same conflict. Seacole had even been practicing herbal remedies and hygiene decades before Nightingale. Yet, Nightingale is often acknowledged as the pioneer of modern nursing. The play Marys Seacole is helping to change that.

2022 Episode 26

Recorded On
Apr 14, 2022

chester higgins

Chester Higgins, author and photographer of Sacred Nile

(special two, 30-minute segments)

If you are like me, you have seen his images in the New York Times and Essence magazine to The Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore and the American Embassy Gallery in Nairobi, but never heard his voice.

Well, that my change for many of us as we talk about his 8th book, Sacred Nile, which he completed after nearly five decades of traveling to the Nile Valley: Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia.

2022 Episode 25

advertise in port of harlem
Recorded On
February 10, 2022

rufus s berry

Rufus S. Berry II, Liberia’s Bicentennial and Moving Back Home to Corruption

Rufus S. Berry II is a Liberian activist and former President of the Liberian Association of Northern California (LANC). He is now living in Liberia and is the managing partner and CEO of Berry and Gaye Financial Consulting. We will talk about the country’s bicentennial, his return to Liberia, immigration issues, and corruption.

2022 Episode 24

Recorded On
February 3, 2022

Lopez Mathews, Jr

Dr. Lopez Mathews, Jr, Storage Devices: Stone to The Cloud

Dr. Lopez Mathews, Jr, Digital Production Librarian at Howard University Libraries /Moorland Spingarn Research Center, and I talk about the rapid changes in storage devices from stone, paper, punch cards, floppy drive, CD-ROM, CD-RW, ZIP, and cloud and how those rapid changes affects saving every day and archival documents.

2022 Episode 23

Recorded On December 23, 2021

ida jones

baba c

Dr. Ida Jones and Baba-C - Keepers of the Culture

Ida Jones provides a quick update on her National Votes for Women's Trail Markers project and Baba-C on his Storytelling Festival in Morocco project.

2021 Episode 22

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