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May 27, 2021 Guests

sara stender delaney

Sara Stender Delaney

amir muhammad

Amir Muhammad

Current Show: Sara Stender Delaney and Amir Muhammad

Thu, May 27, 8p

Sara Stender Delaney, Sarilla Sparkling Tea founder and owner Sara Stender Delaney talks to us about trading fairly with Rwandan tea growers and the impact her products’ consumers are having in Rwanda. Her company reflects her passion, skills, and determination to create quality products for the beverage industry in an equitable fashion.

Thu, May 27, 8:30p

Amir Muhammad is among the foremost historians and researchers of the Islamic experience in the United States. Muhammad is the president, co-founder, with his wife Habeebah Muhammad, and curator of America’s Islamic Heritage Museum.

2021 Episode 11
May 13, 2021 Guests

marvin jones

Marvin Jones

ida jones

Dr. Ida Jones

Marvin Sin and Dr. Ida Jones

Thu, May 13, 8p

Marvin Sin, artist and leather craftsmen, who sell his bags and other accessories at private shows and cultural festivals with his wife Akosua Bandele, is now collaborating with a Bahamian on a project in Ghana.  The panAfrican project marries African American design talent with Ghanaian production capacity.

Thu, May 13, 8:30p

Archivist and historian Dr. Ida Jones, who also identifies as a Holiness Pentecostal, shares stories of early encounters between White Christians and Native Americans in New England. And, connect those experiences with those of other people in various parts of the world. We hold this discussion in light of The Little Lights Urban ministry sponsored series of courses titled Racial Literacy 101.

2021 Episode 10
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April 29, 2021 Guests

tony browder

Tony Browder

nathan richardson

Nathan Richardson

Tony Browder and Nathan Richardson

Thu, Apr 29, 8p

Through the ASA Restoration Project that he started in 2008 to honor the legacy of the late Dr. Asa Hilliard, Tony Browder has raised funds for the excavation and restoration of two 25th dynasty tombs that Dr. Elena Pischikova discovered in Luxor, Egypt in 2006. (Hilliard was a professor of educational psychology who focused on indigenous ancient Egyptian history.)

Both Pischikova and Browder disagree with traditional Egyptologists that claim that the 25th dynasty was the "only" time that Black kings ruled Egypt. Nevertheless, Browder adds, “Our mission is to eventually excavate all three tombs, catalogue our findings, and clean, conserve and restore the tombs to their original condition.”

The work is hard he explained in 2011, "we work in 100 to120 degree temperatures and in pits 20 feet below the surface."  On the next Port Of Harlem Talk Radio, he talks more about the Project and it’s success.

Browder is working on a new book that will explore the architecture and exhibits within the NMAAHC, “An African Ark: The Architectonics of the National Museum of African American History and Culture.” It is due in July 2017.

Thu, April 29, 8:30p

Poet, author, and Frederick Douglass historian Nathan Richardson spends a great deal of time researching the life and times for Douglass (1818-1895). As a Douglass historian, we talk with Richardson about his thoughts on the recently passed Georgia and Kentucky voting laws and their place in history. We also contrast those laws with proposed laws in The Gambia, and back in The States, we look at Marjorie Green-Taylor’s America First Caucus from a historical lens, too.

2021 Episode 9
April 15, 2021 Guests

a peter bailey

Peter Bailey

david oggi ogburn

David “Oggi” Ogburn

janet sims wood

Dr. Janet Sims-Wood

Peter Bailey, David “Oggi” Ogburn, and Dr. Janet Sims-Wood

Thu, Apr 15, 8p

Port Of Harlem Talk Radio interviews three people, writer Peter Bailey, photographer David “Oggi” Ogburn, and oral historian Dr. Janet Sims-Wood, each whom have impacted Port Of Harlem magazine. We talk about three people they had gotten to know and how those three people impacted them, Malcolm X, Chancellor James Williams, and Dovey Johnson Roundtree, respectively. Also, read the related story, “Each One, Taught One: Life’s Impactors.”

2021 Episode 8
black memorabilia show
April 1, 2021 Guests

ida jones

Dr. Ida Jones

mt nebo AME church

Morgan State University Archivist Dr. Ida Jones and Mount Nebo's Michael Gaddy chat about the historic structure and cemetery.

Dr. Ida Jones and Friends of Historic Mount Nebo Preservation Corporation Glenda West, Jan Hagey, and Michael Gaddy

Thu, Apr 1, 8p

Listen and join in a conversation about historic Mount Nebo African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church's efforts to preserve the historic cemetery, restore the historic church, and offer educational programming. See Black Lives Matter in Death, Too – Mt Nebo AME Preserves Historic Cemetery.

2021 Episode 7
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