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Jul 31, 2023

dr richard bell

Oppenheimer, The Missing Blacks, and The Bomb with Historian CR Gibbs

The film "Oppenheimer" raked in $80.5 million in the United States on its opening weekend. In the international market, it took in about $93 million for a total of more than $174 million, according to BoxOfficeMojo.

The cast list for the $100 million "Oppenheimer" mentions only one Black scientist.

The movie purports to show a critical time in the life of Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb. In one of the greatest scientific efforts during WW II, the Manhattan Project marshalled the efforts of over 200,000 scientists, technicians, and workers and helped win the war by dropping two nuclear bombs on Japan.

Was the only Black in the movie the only one in real life involved with the project? Who was he and what did he do? To answer these and other questions about Blacks and the bomb, we have as our guest, author, lecturer, popular Port of Harlem contributor, and historian of the African diaspora, C.R. Gibbs.

2023 Episode 40

Jun 06, 2023

dr richard bell

Dr. Richard Bell, author of STOLEN (A Reverse Underground Railroad Odyssey)

After delivering a well-received talk at DC’s Remember the Pearl 2023 commemoration, Port of Harlem magazine printed an excerpt from Dr. Richard Bell's STOLEN.

The book tells the story of five free boys kidnapped into slavery and their astonishing odyssey home. Both events took place during the Reverse Underground Railroad period.

POH publisher Wayne Young talks with Bell about this period and its affect on Blacks then and now.

2023 Episode 39
advertise in port of harlem
May 08, 2023

sabata-mpho mokae

Sabata-mpho Mokae, Pridefully Keeping His Language Alive

We converse with Sabata-mpho Mokae, an academic, novelist, and translator based at the Sol Plaatje (University in Kimberly, South Africa. Today, will talk not only talk about Mokae’s writings, but that of his hero Sol Plaatjie , South African and world history, and he and Plaatje’s effort to develop and maintain their language, Setwana.

2023 Episode 38

Recorded On
Apr 06, 2023

eva j brock

Bible Student and Teacher, and Paranormal Saga author EJ Brock

My guest is a student and teacher of the Bible, EJ Brock. She is also a writer who specializes in spiritual insight. Her books that intertwine the “spiritual'” and the “carnal” are categorized as paranormal romances.

Brock's books are not based on facts like her articles, but are fictional and creative. Her latest article in POH: Texas District Pulls Bible and LGBTQ+ Books - Do You Know What’s In The Bible?

2023 Episode 37
champion services travel - group travel
Recorded On
Feb 13, 2023

cr gibbs

Abubakri II’s Voyage with CR Gibbs

POH talks with CR Gibbs about Abubakri II’s Voyage and why he thinks there is so much interest in the explorer and his journeys. His article on Abubakari and the mystery of his voyage from current day Gambia to current day Brazil remains very popular for those searching the web and landing on our page. After publishing the article in February 2021, we are going to finally revisit the subject audibly.

Note: When answering a question, Gibbs referred to this book: "Mysterious Explorer: Solving the Puzzle of an African Explorer in America - - 180 Years Before Columbus by Dr. Ronald Stewart."

2023 Episode 36
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