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Theo Hodge, Jr. M.D.
Woolly Mammoth's Reset
March 11 – March 24, 2021

nicolle salter

Woolly Mammoth Theater has released “Reset” a free digital collection of video performances and excerpts. The presentation is uniquely interactive. It asks users to easily race four-star constellations to reveal the performances and excerpts.

After completing my first constellation, I happened to get Nikkole Salter’s four-minute interpretation of a poem by Rita Dove. Even though I am not a poetry fanatic, Dove’s words and Salter’s dramatic performance sold me on seeing the other 10.

Six Black cisgender women theatre artists, activists, and scholars created the package after identifying culture creators and works that have deeply impacted them, acknowledging that their personal selections reflect their personal perspectives. What emerged was the beginnings of a universe; constellations of Black artistry across history, genre, and theme.

Note: Specifically, once you are on the Reset site, you click a star and drag along the dotted line to the next star. You do this four times until you have connected all four stars and completed a constellation. Then, the screen will reveal an artist and an exciting presentation.

This site is not mobile-friendly, so you should use a tablet or computer. You can explore the performances in the virtual stars, now until March 31 for free.

Note: A cisgender person is a person whose gender identity matches their assigned sex. The term cisgender is the opposite of the word transgender.
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