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Jul 01 – Jul 14, 2021
philip payton

Philip Payton: Father of Black Harlem

Philip A. Payton, Jr. and other Black investors quickly joined forces to purchase and lease properties from White owners/allies in the 135th Street area to block the effort to displace African Americans from the area.
wilhelmina street

The Race Card Project

You can add your thoughts to this online project. Wilhelmina Street of Baltimore wrote: “Actually, more people of our very own race seem to struggle with the idea of an extremely light person marrying someone who is extremely dark."
jemel roberson

Carrying While Black (Part 3 of 3): Even When Exercising Your Right, You May Still be Viewed as Wrong

Jemel Roberson was only 26 when on a November night in 2018 a police officer from Chicago south suburban Midlothian, IL mistook Roberson, who was working as an armed security guard, for a criminal, and shot him four times in the back, killing him.
woolly mammoth theatre
man with a tie

Cities With the Largest Minority Wage Gap

The report includes the top 15 Metro areas and the top 15 small and mid-size metro areas. Overall, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show the persistence of the minority wage gap over time, with non-Hispanic Whites and Asians consistently out-earning Black and Hispanic workers. In 2019, those figures were:
fatoumatta bah

Annual Gambian Scholarship Program Seeks 18 Donors: Scholarships Are Only $75 Per Year

Fatoumatta J Bah, for instance, use to sell water on the streets for the family's upkeep. Nonetheless, with the intervention of the Port Of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership scholarship program, she is now on the verge of graduating from high school.
manufacturing hate book

Manufacturing Hate: How Africa was Demonized in Western Media

During the Zoom talk, Milton Allimadi, Black Star News publisher, will explain the history of demonization of Africa, and by extension descendants of Africa, in Western media books, newspapers, and magazines from the 17th century to our contemporary era.
amar group
spit dat


New Yorkers celebrate Abolition Commemoration Day July 12. We interview Rawn James, Jr on the affects of Biden’s appointment of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Theater goers will find new plays online, and yes, in person. Celebrate Phyllis Hyman's 72nd birthday, see "Music."
lakota man

Readers' Trends

History, foreign affairs, and farming dominated our readers’ choices across platforms. We encourage the diversity of interests and glad to see the manifestation of our reader’s diverse interest. We also welcome the growing number of new subscribers. Signing-Up is still free.
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