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January 14, 2021 – January 27, 2021
nathan richardson

January 20, 2021 Should Not Be 1863 All Over Again

Confederates lost the American Civil War in 1863. Their insurrection on January 6 was a miserable and embarrassing failure. Hopefully, the inauguration on January 20, 2021 will mark the beginning of a 21st century reconstruction and the completion of the one thwarted after the Civil War.
miriam decosta-willis

Miriam DeCosta Willis (1934–2021)

"She did not make you feel like there had to be a vertical relationship because she was older or more accomplished or anything else," recalls Morgan State University Archivist Ida Jones as we talked about our interactions with the editor of the 1992 groundbreaking "Erotique Noire: Black Erotica: A Celebration Of Black Sensuality."
covid-19 vaccination

Yes, You Can Still Get Infected with COVID–19 After Being Vaccinated. Here's Why

It takes time for vaccines to build up immunity, and the two authorized coronavirus vaccines both require two doses, given several weeks apart, to train the body's immune system. However, after getting his first dose, POH publisher Wayne Young says the vaccination gives him hope that he will be able to return to The Gambia real soon.
amar group
doctor with patient

Solo Aging: Who Can You Call for Aid and Support?

A growing field known as professional patient advocacy is helping people aging alone navigate the medical system. A patient advocate can work as part of your overall team of estate planning and health professionals and should be a different person than the one you designate to be your health care proxy.
sam ford

Back Home with Sam Ford

Except for breaking up fights and arresting wife-beaters, the four Black cops mainly left people alone. They even left Cripple Sam alone as he drove through the streets of Coffeyville delivering boot leg whisky in his 1956 Chevy with his crutch and Chihuahua not far from his side.
michelle obama

Michelle Obama: Life After the White House

A new feature–length biography rehashes the Obama story, but POH reader Lisa Jenkins says she liked the 53–minute presentation.
Theo Hodge, Jr. M.D.
moss kendrix


We have three King Day events and will add more as they come in. Under "Museum," we ask you to assist one of our partners, The Alexandria Black History Museum, to win preservation funds. You just simply vote, which is free, and can vote every 24-hours (pictured, the museum’s Moss Kendrix Collection).
Enrique Tarrio

Readers' Trends

Hot during the past two weeks were the posts about the arrested Afro–Cuban leader (pictured) of the Proud Boys, the victorious Senator–Elect from Georgia, and the incoming Vice President. In our recent survey, one in four of our readers who say they are on social media have not liked (voted) or followed (voted) for us. Like in Georgia, your vote counts in the social media world. Make plans to like or follow us on social media today.
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