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January 16 – January 29, 2020
gambia airport

Immigration Is a Black Issue, Too: A Look at Gambians Who Send Big Money Home

Over 8,000 Gambians arrived in Europe in 2017, making the top five nationalities crossing the Mediterranean alongside Nigerian, Guinean, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi nationals.
elena featherston

How Other Communities Educate For Liberation & Transformation

Consider Li Tan of San Francisco who sends her 14–year–old son David to a culturally relevant K–12 "Saturday school" for the same experiences that allowed the Ethiopians to succeed.
retirement savings

How Much Should I Save For Retirement?

Remember: Your personal target saving rate may vary depending on a variety of factors, including when you plan to retire, your retirement lifestyle, when you started saving, and how much you've already saved.
read africa week
no more coffins

No More Coffins – These Organic Burial Pods Will Turn YOU Into A Tree When You Die

The idea of having your body become the seed of a tree after passing was developed by Italian designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel, and it is titled the "Capsula Mundi" project.
read africa

Read Africa Week Festival @ Francis Gregory Library

Francis Gregory Library will again celebrate Read Africa Week, this year on Saturday, February 1, 2020, 2p–4p. The event is free and is supported by the DC Public Library, Friends of the Francis Gregory Library, and the Port Of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership.
jason reynolds

Jason Reynolds Named New National Ambassador for Young People's Literature

The Library of Congress, the Children's Book Council, and Every Child a Reader announced the appointment of Jason Reynolds as the seventh National Ambassador for Young People's Literature for 2020–2021.
aviva travel
Dr. King Day


Pilgrims Musa & Sheri: In The New World is opening at Mosaic Theater in DC and Something Over Something Else: Romare Bearden's Profile Series is closing in Atlanta and opening in Cincinnati. Yoga, Food & Wine Cape Town sounds like a fun activity. Look at our list and see if you find an activity you can enjoy.
esmail ghaani

Readers' Trends

A diversity of stories captured of readers' attention across the platforms with the December 18 issue of Port Of Harlem proving to remain popular. As tensions heighten between the Iraq and the United States, Esmail Ghaani's warning took center stage on Facebook. It is interesting to learn what the name "Esmail" means.
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