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Tony Browder's 2019 ASA Restoration Project Annual Fundraiser
September 12 – September 25, 2019
tony browder in egypt

The ASA Restoration Project, directed by Anthony Browder, is commemorating its 11th anniversary by conducting a 40-Day Fundraiser, which runs now thru October 4, 2019.  Browder’s goal is to raise $25,000.

The ASA Restoration project is excavating and restoring the 25th dynasty tomb of Karakhamun in Luxor, Egypt. Browder is the first African American to fund and coordinate an archeological dig in Egypt and has conducted 23 archeological missions to Egypt since 2009.
The goal of last year’s fundraiser was $10,000, but they raised more than $18,000. The extra funds allowed them to purchase $12,000 in new tools, which resulted in their conservators completing the reconstruction of Karakhamun’s 1st pillared hall ahead of schedule. In addition, they were also able to fund a new exhibition in the Luxor Museum, which opened September 8, 2019.

Browder has provided images of the Luxor opening and updates of their other progressions on social media including his Facebook page, and he plans to submit a full report of their progress at The Institute of Karmic Guidance’s (IKG) next Wisdom Wednesday program September 18 at 7p. The program is at the Thurgood Marshall Building, 1816 12th St NW, in Washington, DC.  Added Browder, “Every contribution helps us make history while also preserving history for future generations.”

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