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100 Black 2 Egypt
May 9 – May 22, 2019

100 BLack 2 Egypt

“I’ll be back with 100 more!” proclaimed Bernadette Champion as she sadfully waved goodbye to a group of Nubian well wishers.  The Nubians had accompanied her travel group from their village to the deluxe Nile River cruise boat the travelers were about to re-board.

Champion, of Champion Services Travel, was on her fourth trip to the northeastern African country in 2017 when she vowed to return with 100 adventure seekers for a spiritual and emotional return April 23 to May 5, 2020. She is billing the return 100 Black 2 Egypt.

The significance of having 100 travelers, says Champion is, “that when cruising by boat to the Nubian village, we will have the entire boat to ourselves.” She gleefully continued, “the five-day Nile cruise then becomes much more like a in-his-hands excursion with family.”

Champion started her career in the travel industry in 1987 and has operated her agency since 1996. This will be her fifth trip to Egypt and plans to have plenty of assistants to help her guide her 100 guests. “We hire Egyptian historians from Egypt to guide our groups at each attraction plus on each coach we have a in-his-hands tour guide plus a Champion representative, usually one or both of my children, Mark and Brandi.”

On the 11-night historical exploration, she says the travelers will experience Giza, the pyramids in Cairo, including the three great pyramids of Cheops, Chefren, and Mykerinos, and their guardian Sphinx. “Plan for a group photo at this location,” added Champion.  Adventure seekers will also tour the Valley of the Kings and Queens and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
“With the 100 travelers, we will have the Nile cruise all to ourselves; it will be a total different atmosphere and experience!“ 
During the five-day deluxe Nile River cruise, the group will visit Karnak, Luxor, Hatsheput, Valley of the Kings, Philae, various ancient temples, the High Dam, and the Nubian village where well-wishers will meet the group.

With 100 travelers, Champion says she will have three luxury buses.  She continued, “With the 100 travelers, we will have the Nile cruise all to ourselves; it will be a total different atmosphere and experience!“ 
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