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November 7 – November 20, 2019
lorato trok

Lorato Trok and The Politics and Economics of Language

"It's so important for children to read in their own languages, as the stories originated. Stories carry more than words. They carry culture, voices, and backgrounds, but most of all stories written in home languages are told by voices of people who look like them," explained Lorato Trok, author of "Against All Odds – The Story of Rosina Sedibane Modiba." Photo (l to r), Modiba and Trok.
Emmanuel Matamba

Zambia or Chambia? – The Chinese in Africa

"Today, refusing to learn a language that is spoken by more than 1.3 billion people, and whose political and economic clout will only increase, is to confine oneself to the limited knowledge that the colonialists wanted for Africa. Africa would once again lag as the rest of the world marches forward," added Emmanuel Matamba, a Zambian academic of African politics and international relations.
natonne kemp

Afro–American Historical and Genealogical Society Speaker on Overcoming 1890 Census Hurdle

"With less than 1 percent of that census in existence (actually, only fragments from a handful of states), African Americans must turn to other records at the federal, state, and local levels to fill the gap," says family history researcher Natonne Kemp.
mike jones state farm
sharon farmer and lois bell

Click – Top Photographers Offered Cell Phone Photography Tips

George Tolbert added "the type of camera you use really does not matter." Over the decades, the duo has used an array of camera types including film, digital, and now cell phone. However, Sharon Farmer added, "There are certain pictures that I could not have taken with a cell phone."
theory at mosaic

Theory @ Mosaic Theater, Very Contemporary

Shakespeare’s plays have proven to be timeless. "Theory" by Norman Yeung is deeply about our time. I cannot say who would also love this performance, but I could see those with a preference for using dial-phone–party–lines having a hard time enjoying the show.
egytian and washington tekhan

Urban Safari: Africa’s Influence on the Nation’s Capital

Africa’s influence on building the United States, via Freemasonry, is easily traced to the Presidency of the United States. Included in the ranks of Masonry are four of the first five Presidents.
national black theater festival
inner light


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chicago mayor lightfoot

Readers' Trends

Our Facebook readers most enjoyed the tongue lashing another Black women has given the current president. Subscribers overwhelmingly clicked on the story about the newly found Black Last Supper painting by Akili Ron Anderson. Subscriptions are free. And, thanks for suggesting to a friend to get a free subscriptions.
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