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October 24 – November 6, 2019
The Last Supper by Akili Ron Anderson

Black Last Supper Mural Hidden Behind Wall

Hidden behind a wall, demolition contractors discovered a wall-length, all–Black Last Supper mural by native Washingtonian Akili Ron Anderson.
ton farm - Chicago

New Underground Railroad Site Recognized

The Ton Farm is the third documented Underground Railroad site in South Chicago to gain such recognition.
Sheila Bynum-Coleman

Will Virginia Go Jet Blue November 5?

With a Democrat governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general, Virginia only needs to flip just two seats Tuesday, November 5 in each chamber of the General Assembly to make the former red, Confederate stronghold jet blue.
ivan brown realty
african american africa history book

Blyden Explored African/African-American History and Personal Relations

In her 91 earthly years, Nemata Blyden ‘s mother, Amelia Elizabeth Kendrick Blyden, a descendent of enslaved Americans, has been a Negro, Colored, Afro-American, Black, and African-American. American society has labeled her as such all while being married to Sierra Leonean, Edward Wilmot Blyden III.
alpha conde

Guinea President Alpha Conde Visits Washington

The country is rich in other mineral resources, too, including iron, diamonds, gold, cobalt, copper, and uranium, but "we don't have the technological expertise that we need," said Guinea President Alpha Conde.
fences at Fords Theater

Fences, Until Sunday, October 27

The actual fence Troy was building throughout the performance is symbolic of the choices we make despite the curve balls life throws at us. It begs us to question can we maintain the positivity in our lives, while keeping the negativity out.
mike jones state farm
elijah cummings


Maryland Rep. Elijah E. Cummings lies in state in Washington, D.C. Thursday; we will fly the black, red, and green. "The Wiz" is being performed in Baltimore, and there are serious discussion meetings from Washington to Chattanooga.
amadou diallo

Readers' Trends

The murder of Atatiana Jefferson by a White police officer while she was in her own home reignited our Facebook readers' memories of Amadou Diallo's murder. Meanwhile, the review of Mansa Kunda restaurant in Metro DC drew the most clicks amongst our magazine subscribers.
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