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The Sensational Sea Mink-Ettes Explores Humanity Via Black Women
Feb 22 – Mar 06, 2024


The Sensational Sea Mink-Ettes, is making its world premiere at the Woolley Mammoth Theater. The 90-minute play explores excellence, artistic individuality, depression, and suicidal ideation of six Black females pursing a higher education under pressures of perfecting their 2024 Homecoming half-time performance.

Shantee (Billie Krishawn), as the dance captain and leader, is laser focused on perfectionism, timing, techniques. However, she is sometimes unbalanced with what the others need as Mink-Ettes and their pursuit of their individual goals.

As they practice their routines, choreographed by Ashleigh King, tensions naturally build such as when time conscious Maya, a graduate student working on her thesis, wants Shantee to keep things moving. As each of the women reveal their idiosyncrasies as Homecoming 2024 nears, the distinctness of each woman unfolds.

As with many stories about expectations, writer Vivian J.O. Barnes, ends her sometimes slow-moving story with everyone coming to terms with their needs , desires, and sexual proclivities – while still exploring themselves. However, as 2024 Homecoming is ushered in by an astonishing marching band in full regalia, only one of the Mink-Ettes performs, without clear explanation.
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