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3 New Podcasts: Kirk Whalum – Tutankhamun – Barry Murray – Housing Renovators
Jun 13 – Jun 26, 2024
kirk whalum

Grammy Winning Saxophonists Kirk Whalum

Grammy-winning saxophonist Kirk Whalum released EPIC COOL, his newest album, on May 17. He will perform at DC’s Blues Alley from Friday, June 21, to Sunday, June 23, to celebrate. We talk about a range of subjects, from the impact his Nigerian/Swiss producer Greg Manning has on his new recording to the effects of his parents raising him in a blues town, Memphis, on his work in jazz. Surprisingly, when we talk about his conversion to Catholicism in 2022, he shares that he is a second cousin to Sister Thea Bowman.

Melinda Hartwig, Egyptologists, archeologists, professor, and consultant for "Tutankhamun: His Tomb and His Treasures."

"Tutankhamun: His Tomb and Treasures" opened in Washington, D.C., on May 2. King Tut and Drag Queens; Hatshepsut, Vice President Harris, and the "male power suit". . . are there connections?

We go deep into Egyptian fashion, religion, and politics with Egyptologists, archeologists, professor, and consultant for "Tutankhamun: His Tomb and His Treasures," Melinda Hartwig. She and POH publisher Wayne Young compare Tut's time to today including questions beyond the five intriguing parallels between King Tut's life and modern politics that she is ready to discuss.

Anita Hackley-Lambert, biographer of ECHOES OF A VOICE FOR JUSTICE: The Story of Barry A. Murray

Anita Hackley Lambert is an historian and biographer. Her first book, “F.H.M. Murray: A Forgotten Pioneer for Civil Justice,” is about the co-founder of the Niagara movement, who was also her and Barry Murray’s great- grandfather.

Three Young Renovators Who Are Rebuilding Their City

Cory Armand, Joseph Peterson, and Deena Johnson are rebuilding their city one house at a time. The trio of private investors has renovated more than 80 homes, more than the 48 the local government recently tore down in a neighborhood, and the 16 apartments in the city's downtown area. We talk with the trio about their strategies and they share their advice.
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