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Are You Sitting On The Toilet Too Long?

Jan 11 – Jan 24, 2024

You might even be doing it right now.

A report from NordVPN found that about 65% of survey respondents said they used their phone while sitting on the toilet – nearly 71% in the U.S.

And while scrolling endlessly on the phone can be a way to pass the time, it also might extend your time on the toilet unnecessarily.

Doing so can be bad for your health.

“There is no greater influence on the development of internal and external hemorrhoids than spending a lot of time on the toilet,” says Dr. Andrew Albert, medical director of digestive health and a gastroenterologist at Advocate Health Care.

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins that can cause itching, pain and bleeding. The position you’re in while seated on the toilet can cause increased pressure that can cause hemorrhoids, especially if you’re in that position for a long time.

“With increased TikTok scrolling could come greater hemorrhoid development,” Dr. Albert says.

A doctor can help you understand if hemorrhoid symptoms you have can be dealt with at home or require further treatment.

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