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Dec 28 – Jan 10, 2023
Tyrone Colbert with Ralph

Success Stories

As Black men, our lives are inundated with stereotypes. As formerly incarcerated Black men, we face some of the harshest criticism. Remarks such as "once a criminal, always a criminal," and "they’ll never change," are all too familiar. Well, these men cannot provide you such stereotypical stories today.
middle passage ports

Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project 2023 Project Highlights

The Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project highlights the accomplishments and on–going work at documented Middle Passage arrival locations. For more information, you are encouraged to visit the website, especially the interactive map on the Documented Arrival Sites and Tours page.
patuxent river

Enslaved Africans Disembarked in Nottingham, Maryland Between 1751 and 1771

Among the nine ships was the "Charming Molly" and captained by James Beard. He purchased unnamed captives at Gorée and St Louis, Senegal and The Gambia. The ship began the journey January 2, 1762 and reached Nottingham August 25, 1762. Beard, crew, and his human cargo left with 223 people, 183 disembarked; meaning 40 souls were lost during the 235 days at sea.
mike jones state farm
gary water tank

Cast Down Your Bucket Where You Are: Renovating IN Gary, IN

Massive losses of capital and population are experiences Gary; Flint, Michigan; and Jackson, Mississippi share along with having a majority economically–challenged Black population. One stark difference, however, between the cities is that Gary's water system is privately owned and its service area reaches beyond Gary to include a multi–racial, economically diverse region.
bayard rustin

Bayard Rustin Consummate Organizer (1912 – 1987) United States

Between the first Chicago student sit-ins in 1942 and the passage of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts of 1964 and 1965, Bayard Rustin had a hand in nearly every major nonviolent civil rights activity in the United States. In Ghana, he helped Kwame Nkrumah organize the youth division of his political party.
mashed cauliflower

Creamy Mashed Cauliflower

Our savory cauliflower puree makes a perfect low–carb stand–in for mashed potatoes.
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kinara - detroit


Our two latest POH podcasts feature North Carolinians. See Kwanzaa event listings for New York; Washington, DC; and Los Angeles; from your electronic device, travel to Mississippi and take some Delta Blues Museum virtual tours and if you are in Metro Gary, take a New Year’s Day hike at the Indiana Dunes State Park Nature Center.
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Readers' Trends

History and humor. History takes center stage on three of the platforms we use. And humor on one platform, Instagram. A link to a synopsis of The Garima Gospels is in this section under Facebook. Two of the popular posts have a connection to Ethiopia.
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