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One Issue Arab Americans Seem Willing to Destroy the Democratic Coalition
Feb 08 – Feb 21, 2024
Publisher's Point

TV News Broadcast: Video of Republican Donald Trump, Former President of the United States and Current U.S. Presidential Candidate: “When I'm back in the Oval Office, we will cut off every penny of money that we send to the Palestinians and the terrorists on day one.”

PBS’ News reporter Laura Barron-Lopez: So, faced with the choice of President Biden or former President Donald Trump , based on policies like what you just heard, who do you believe would best represent your constituents?

Dearborn, Michigan Mayor Abdullah Hammoud: But as it pertains to the decisions that are being made overseas, it seems like there's no real difference between President — former President Trump and current President Biden.

Laura Barron-Lopez: Mayor, respectfully, I know you said that you think there's no real difference, but the former President Trump has also floated religious tests for immigrants, has also said that he would reject Gazan refugees, something that the current president hasn't said.

So, do you — what do you make of those policies that Trump says he would enact if he wins?

Abdullah Hammoud: The question that you're asking me is actually a question that needs to be put back into the lap of the president.
Publisher's Point:

Hammoud’s ducking the question while enjoying the comforts of America does not match the bravery of the people of Gaza.  

What I found most appalling is his MAGA I want my way or no way attitude that has no place in a multi-cultural democracy plowed and breast-fed by the children of the formerly enslaved who still hold unmet promises.

With a bag of sacrifices on our backs and a mountain of successes now engrained in the American experiment - -  that we still have to defend - - , he waltzes into the American ballroom of democracy and seems willing to destroy the Democratic coalition that is fighting for so many of our rights from voting to sanity.

Yes, Hammoud, Black people made it so you can sit at the ballroom table, but you have no right to have a MAGA tantrum and destroy the Democratic coalition or diminish its power that will cause all of us to suffer.
Note: PBS NewsHour - Jan 30, 2024 6:35 PM EST

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