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Watch List Report Reveals Top 50 Countries Where Christians Face Extreme Persecution
Jan 25 – Feb 07, 2024
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The 2024 Open Doors World Watch List, widely viewed as the most trustworthy and comprehensive analysis of global Christian persecution, is now available. Respected for its robust and verifiable data, the Open Doors World Watch List shares the latest findings on Christian persecution around the globe and key trends detailing the regions where being a Christian poses the most significant risks.

Once again, North Korea is the No. 1 country on the World Watch List. The southeast Asian country ruled by the Kim dynasty continues to crush any perceived threat to its authority, including religious belief. If they aren’t executed outright, Christians discovered in North Korea risk imprisonment in North Korea’s infamous network of labor camps. Pressure is constant.

Sub-Saharan Africa remains the most violent place in the world for Christians. Faith-related deaths in sub-Saharan Africa far outstripped those of any other region in the annual report. This has been a trend for several years. More than 82 per cent of Christians killed because of their faith were in Nigeria (ranked No. 6 on the 2024 World Watch List), according to Open Doors’ World Watch List research.

Gambia, Senegal, Kenya, nor South Africa, where many of our non-American subscribers and social media follower live, are not on the list.
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