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Donations from Wyoming to Accra, But We Are Still $310 Short
Sep 21 – Oct 04, 2023
rose mbye

We are now just $400 short of our goal of raising $2,460 for the Port of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership with support from Cynthia McQueen ($90) of Bellwood, IL; Vanessa Petty ($90), Lisa Jenkins ($100), Anita Fogan ($90), and a seccond contribution from Ethel Rock this year ($90) all of Washington, DC; and Ann Chinn ($75) of Jacksonville, Florida.

Our priority is to the 19 students who have K-12 scholarships. We are short 3 sponsors for the female students and 4 sponsors for the male students.  School starts September 25.  We were glad to see one of our students Rose Mbye graduate this year.

Your dollar goes further in The Gambia this year. Last year, for each dollar, we got 50 dalasi, the local currency.  This year, for each dollar we get 60 dalasi.

Sadly, the Port of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership is not alone is the struggle to raise funds. The U.N. World Food Program Executive Director Cindy McCain says her program is witnessing a similar experience.

"It's a combination of things -- it's COVID, it's climate change, it's conflict and also the cost of being able to do business," McCain told ABC "This Week" co-anchor Jonathan Karl about the reasons behind the lack of money. "Those things combined and, of course, a world that has kind of grown tired of all this. There's a great malaise right now within countries about foreign aid and giving."

However, giving our 21-year history, we know our readers will fill our coffers so that we can continue our programs on Africa’s Smiling Coast, The Gambia.

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