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The Times of Day You Really Shouldn’t Check Your Phone
Sep 21 – Oct 04, 2023

In our constantly connected world, we’re always logged on and tuned in.

But where do we draw the line on pulling out that handheld attention grabber? Before hurting your health and relationships, know the settings and times it’s detrimental to be scrolling through feeds.

On average, people check their phones around 352 times per day, according to research conducted by global tech care company Asurion.

Dr. Emelie Ilarde, a family medicine physician at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Ill., says that people are so reliant on their cellphones, they may even have anxiety without them.

“People who have addictive personalities are more prone to abusing phone usage,” she says.

Dr. Ilarde recommends setting limits on phone usage and making time for other activities to help prevent addition. “It will also boost health, allow for better sleep and promote healthy relationships,” she says.

Avoid checking your phone at these times for mental, social and physical health:

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