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10 Ways to Cut Expenses by 10%
Nov 16 – Nov 29, 2023

save money

Key Takeaways

To kick off your non-spending spree, get to know your financial situation inside and out. While a deep dive into your money can feel daunting, knowledge is power. Once you get clarity on what’s coming in and going out, you can set a realistic budget that works for your life. For added assistance and accountability, check out a money-management app like Fidelity Bloom®, says Lanna.

Ready to get going? Here are a few ways to cut expenses.

3. Embrace the art of negotiation. “Call your cable or phone company and ask for a discount,” Lannan advises. “You’d be surprised at what they might be willing to offer.” Often, providers will reduce your fee if you say you’re considering a switch to their competitor. While on the phone with the service representative, ask them to review your use of their services. You could be spending extra on internet speed or cable channels you don’t need. Buoyed by your successful dealmaking, you can then contact other providers, such as your insurance company, to haggle with them.

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