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Soul Food Starters

Nov 02 – Nov 15, 2023
soul food starters

Soul Food Starters are just that. However, what was the result?

I was pleased, very pleased with the macaroni and cheese and candied yams. The collard greens were, well, just good.

“I thoroughly enjoyed Booker’s Soul Food Starters seasoning for sweet potatoes,” echoed Vanessa Pettty. “The recipe was quick and easy. I just poured the glaze over the sweet potatoes and simmered them in the oven.”

““Each packet honors tradition, infuses flavors, and empowers you to create cherished dishes effortlessly,” accurately claimed Chef Claude Booker, a master of Southern flavors and a guardian of culinary traditions.

At press time, I had no time to make the peach cobbler nor did any others with whom I shared the packages. I think it always takes time for people to try something new.

After some delay, I tried the seasonings and found the simplicity in making the dished came with no need to juggle multiple spices or worrying about ratios. I was surprised by the effort and time saved. My reservations about the seasonings is the high salt content of the Macaroni and Cheese seasoning and the moderately high salt content of the Collard Greens seasoning.

Booker offers the packages at soulfoodstarters.com at Winn Dixie, Kroger, Stop & Shop, Food Lion, and Food City and on Amazon.
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