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Theo Hodge, Jr. M.D.
Call for Artist – New Gambia Project
Oct 19 – Nov 01, 2023
from these shores

The Port of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership (POHGEP) is looking for 10 artists who did not work on our last project with the Juffereh Slavery Museum in Juffureh, North Bank, The Gambia. That project produced the groundbreaking “From These Shores” exhibit.  If we are not able to find 10 new artists wanting this opportunity, then we will offer the opportunity to artist who completed the last project.

The new project will replace the panels and text in the other half of the museum not occupied by “From These Shores” and the panels on the African diaspora. The new project focuses on the Atlantic slave trade. We will provide the artist the text, they will decide which panel interests them, and finally they will submit artwork that the text inspires them to create. The artists provides us an electronic version of the art at no cost and keep the original and all rights.

To help determine what the 25,000 people who visit the Juffureh Slavery Museum in the Gambia see, read, and learn about the Atlantic slave trade, let us know of your interest by sending an email to publisher@portofharlem.net

P,S. The 10 artists will join Sarahy M. Rosario of Havana, Cuba.
Note: Koura Gibson is planning a trip to the region including Juffureh for March 2024. You can find more information in POH in upcoming issues.
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