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Five Elections – Where an Enraged Black Male Community Could Have Made a Difference
Is it time to have that talk?

May 4 – May 17, 2023
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blacks for trump

john james

Every vote counts all the time. The Republicans control the House 222-213. Five of the House elections in 2022 were in districts where an enraged Black male community could have made a huge difference and put Democrats in control at 218-217.

Representative Votes Won By District % Black
Lauren Boebert
Colorado 3
554 1
John Duarte
California 13
593 16
John James
Michigan 10
1,601 3
Zach Nunn
Iowa 3
2,144 4
Michael Lawler
New York 17
2,314 9

According to the AP VoteCaste survey, 12 percent of Black men voted for Trump in the 2020 presidential election, while just 6 percent of Black women did the same. The survey also revealed that GOP House candidates got 14% of the Black vote.

The NY Post also noted, from the survey, that 50% of Black Republicans live in lower-income households. From the data, The NY Post concluded, in general, that Black Republicans tend to be younger and poorer.

When we post these voting facts on Facebook, we often get the ire of Black men who correctly point out that 88 percent of Black men did vote for Biden-Harris and we should be pointing the finger to White people, often White women. However, we ask:  Isn’t it much easier to convince the guy next door to vote and to vote like you, then the lady who lives across the highway, across the river, on the other side of the railroad tracks, on the other side of town, in the other city and whose kids go to the "other" school?

Nationally, a larger Black male voter turnout would have made a difference as the House approved the Limit, Save, Grow Act — in a 217-215 vote. Yes, the bill passed by two votes.

Is it time to have that talk?

The bill would raise the debt limit by $1.5 trillion or through March 2024, whichever happens first, and it includes proposals to bring down government spending that the Congressional Budget Office say comes out to $4.8 trillion. Part of the $4.8 trillion saved would come from killing Biden’s student debt forgiveness and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as the Food Stamp Program.    

On the Democratic side, President Biden's budget calls for a minimum 25% tax on American households worth over $100 million, which would more than triple the 8% rate the wealthiest 0.01% currently pay. "No billionaire should be paying a lower tax rate than a school teacher or a firefighter," Biden said in a speech in Philadelphia, PA in March 2023.

Almost three-quarters of millennials (those born between 1982 and 1994) are living paycheck to paycheck, notably higher than other generations, according to a new report by PYMNTS which worked with LendingClub on the report. Clearly if you are living pay check to pay check, Biden’s plan to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans is not meant for you and if you are at the bottom of the economic ladder, debt forgiveness and SNAP is for you. Is it time to have that talk?
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