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Pod Diaper Bag Changing Station & Travel Cot
Feb 23–Mar 08, 2023
traveling baby cot

The makers of The Glady Pod Diaper Bag with Changing Station/Travel Cot professes that their product has lots of storage space plus space for your baby to get changed safely or take a snooze with you wherever you go. Our mom tester Elizabeth Banks found it challenging as a travel tool because of the extra cost of taking it on public transportation.  “It’s hard to use on a plane just because you would need to use it on a seat, which means you need to buy an extra seat.”

However, she added, “We used it once for travel, but actually I find it most helpful when taking swimming lessons.” She explained, “We love it for swim lessons because there is maybe one changing table in the locker room and lots of babies, so we change on the floor and the bassinet helps to make a nice contained space.” 

She also likes it functionality.  “It’s easy to open - just unzip and the bassinet pops out.”
The Changing Station/Travel cot comes with two poles that are easy to set up and push through the sides to keep the bassinet stable. Then there is a cushion that you can place in the bottom that folds up nicely. “The interior is made of material that is easy to wipe down,” Banks adds.

Though her baby is now 9-months-old, she still looks back and doubts she would have him sleep in it unsupervised, if he was younger. “But, again our favorite use is for when he and I go swimming. And all the other moms think it is a brilliant changing space.”

The bag comes in two colors, Banks got the brown one. “I like the color, it’s a nice neutral, the interior has a beautiful woodland theme on a dark green background.”
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