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Islam is Salam
Jul 13 – Jul 26, 2023
Omar Njagan

Salam Alaikum I greet you all.
You claim I lead you when you don’t follow me.
I am the religion of peace against violence.
Called Islam, and that’s the real me.
Yes, I said so. I bring the world under the umbrella of peace.

You misuse me and confuse me with your cultures.
I have my own culture, which may not be in line with yours.
I am not against you; my mission is to maintain the good in you.
Changing the bad in you is what I am doing.

Scared of change makes you change me.
Wars you fought, fighting Salam
Arms you buy to fight Salam
Terrorists you form fighting Salam
The Salam I brought, you fighting Salam.
I am Islam, and you are against my brother Salam.

Note: Njagan created the Port of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership’s videos covering the non-profit’s projects in the Gambia.
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